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Friday, May 22, 2015


Rachel’s Challenge-Word of the week: Assist – to give support or help; to make it easier for someone to do something or for something to happen.

Weekly goal: Do something for others who usually do something for you; for example clean, cook, mow the lawn or do laundry.


Lunch for Today:  Eggs and Ham, Tri-Wedge Potato, Fruit, Milk

Lunch for Tuesday:  Spaghetti, Breadstick, Romaine Lettuce, Fruit, Milk


Yearbooks will be distributed Tuesday. Students will NOT GET A BOOK if they or a sibling have outstanding fees or missing library books.


Attention all DC Trip Participants:

There will be bag checks as we get on the bus throughout the trip.  Bag checks will be random and conducted by the chaperones.  If there are any items that are not allowed on the trip, they will be confiscated and parents called.

ANY INAPPROPRIATE ITEMS or ITEMS THAT VIOLATE OUR STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT may result in student not being allowed to go on the trip with the money not refundable.  If the violation occurs while on the trip, student may be sent home at parent’s expense.


All Washington DC Trip participants must be excused for the ½ day of school that they will miss. Bring a note written by a parent to the office or parents can e-mail the office stating that their child will be out May 29th for the trip.  Otherwise, it will be an unexcused absence and you cannot board the bus!  Please get this taken care of.



Boys or girls planning to run Cross Country for TMS or THS next year need to attend the parent meeting on Tuesday, May 26 at 7:30pm at LT Ball. Important information about the middle school and high school programs will be discussed and the mandatory forms will be distributed. The meeting will last about an hour.


There will be an open gym for 6th and 7th grade boys interested in basketball for next year; Tuesday after school for 6th graders and next Wednesday after school for 7th graders.


8th grade Boys interested in HS SOCCER next year, there will be a meeting during lunch on Wednesday, May 27th.  Listen during 5th period as you will be all called down for the meeting at one time.


9th grade football players next year, you are to report to the varsity locker room at 10:30 AM on June 2nd for helmet fitting, shoulder pad fitting, and to receive your locker. Official lifting begins June 3rd at 8:15 AM.


Attention all 6th and 7th grade girls who are interested in Volleyball for the fall, see our information posted on the TMS webpage under Athletics. Any questions; please contact coaches Mader kmader1@woh.rr.com or Wildermuth cwildermuth@woh.rr.com


For the remainder of the year, students will not be able to charge on their lunch accounts.
All outstanding schools fees, lunch charges, and library fees must be paid before the end of the school year for students to be able to participate in end of year activities.


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