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The Educational Technology department supports
Student COmputer the district's computer infrastructure, phone systems, web resources, and a wide variety of other support services. We seek to integrate with classroom curriculum and support teachers in conveying their content to students in a manner conducive to their individual learning styles.

As society, and in turn, education advances technologically,
we find our mission growing more crucial as we seek to increase student technology literacy, enabling them to succeed in a society of ever quickening change. The use of technology in the classroom is no longer an appendix to learning, but the very crux of so much of the content our students need to succeed. While the task is consistently a daunting one, we look forward to the challenge and are regularly looking for new and innovative ways to enable both our staff and students to reach their full potential by putting the tools and the training into their hands to do so.

TCEVS Technology Staff

TCEVS Technology Staff