Tippecanoe High School

Where Excellence is a Tradition

THS Theatre Students Earn 20 DayTony Awards, Outstanding Overall Production

DayTony Theatre Awards
Over two hundred students came out to the eighth annual DayTony High School Theatre Awards held at Blair Hall Theatre on the campus of Sinclair Community College on Thursday, June 2 to recognize excellence in high school theatre from the 13 participating schools. Tippecanoe High School, a member since the founding of the awards, was there with stripes on!

The THS Theatre Program received an impressive 20 awards from their productions of ALMOST, MAINE and URINETOWN THE MUSICAL. The DayTonys have members of participating schools come out and screen each school's production, completing ballots, to identify awards of excellence in merit during the high school theatre season. This year, 27 productions were screened from schools as far south as Franklin and as far north as Troy. Of the 160 awards distributed, Tippecanoe came home proud of a successful season, having had yet another production receive the top recognition, Outstanding Overall Production.

Here is the list of award winners from Tippecanoe High School: 

Outstanding Overall Productions

 •  Urinetown the Musical 

Awards of Excellence

Adult Design and Production
     Lighting Design
      •  Jim Sagona - Almost, Maine

      •  Jim Sagona - Urinetown the Musical

     Sound Design
      •  Jim Sagona - Almost, Maine

Student Design and Production
     Scenic Design
      •  Theatrical Production Students - Almost, Maine
Theatrical Production Students - Urinetown the Musical

     Musical Direction
 Rachel Sagona - Urinetown the Musical

     Performance in a Leading Role
      •  Maya Vyas as Little Sally in Urinetwon the Musical

     Ensemble Performance
      •  The Cast of Urinetown the Musical

 Special Categories
      •  Rick Mack & Tori Merrick for Scenic Painting, Urinetown

Awards of Merit

Adult Design and Production
     Costume Design
      •  Elaine Pleiman - Urinetown the Musical

Student Design and Production
     Sound Design
      •  MK Lee - Urinetown the Musical

     Performance in a Supporting Role
      •  Jack Armentrout as Hot Blades Harry in Urinetown the Musical
Braden Stafford as Officer Barrel in Urinetown the Musical

     Performance in a Leading Role
      •  Ali Merrick as Glory in Almost, Maine
      •  Braden Stafford as Steve in Almost, Maine
      •  Lydia Etchison as Hope Cladwell in Urinetown the Musical
      •  Maria Baldasare as Officer Lockstock in Urinetown the Musical

Special Categories
      •  Tori Merrick for Scenic Painting, Almost, Maine
      •  Orchestra for Musical Accompaniment, Urinetown the Musical