STEM Club at TMS

Mission Statement

  • The STEM Club encourages students to be problem-solvers and critical thinkers using hands-on activities that are both fun and challenging.

Club Description

  • The STEM Club is for students in grades 6-8 at all abilities levels.  The goal is to increase critical thinking skills of each student through hands-on projects and challenges.  Students work in teams to explore a problem present to them.

Activities Schedule

  • The last meeting of 2021 was:

    Thursday March 25th, 2021 

    Room 114 from 2:30 to 3:30

    Theme: Forces of Motion with Hess Trucks

    Activity #7: Dragster Longest Jump

     See you next November for STEM Club 2021-2022!!




     STEM Permission Form

Hands-on activities


  • STEM logo

Participation Fees

  • Students need to pay the $20 club fee to participate in STEM Club.  (if a student has paid $20 for another club, then there is no club fee)