TMS students will be able to stay after school for intervention through our STUDY TABLE program. We have been able to provide additional support to our students in areas where they might be behind or just need a little more help. We are very happy we are able to offer it again this year.


     Any student can stay after school to study or receive extra help

     STUDY TABLE runs from 2:30 – 3:15 Monday - Friday

     Students must sign in and stay the entire time with work to do.

     Students are not permitted to stay if they do not have work to do.

     Students are responsible for their own transportation home.
    * If the STUDY TABLE advisor is not at school or has other obligations, we will have to canel SWAT for that day.

    Students must be picked up by parents no later than 3:30 since we do not have supervision for them after that time.


    Contact Mrs. Hohenstein or Mrs. McKenzie for more information.