Classroom Procedures for Mrs. Hughes and her language arts/reading classes


    What you need to know for your classroom survival




    Hello and welcome to my 8th grade language arts/reading classroom.  I hope this will be a fun and successful year for each of you.  This handout will hopefully guide you in the right direction.




    Required Materials:




    Please bring the following materials with you to class everyday unless otherwise told to do so.



    • Writing utensil—pens or pencils
    • Regular notebook (for taking notes and class assignments)
    • Language arts folder (to store homework)
    • Language arts book
    • Reader’s Workshop book
    • Vocabulary book
    • Reading response journal



    Failure to bring any of these materials will result in first a verbal warning the first time and detentions thereafter.







    • Being on times means being IN YOUR SEAT when the bell rings ( you shouldn’t be up talking to friends or running through the door as the bell is ringing.)
    • Tardies will be excused only with a pass from the office, another teacher, or me. 
    • You will get one free tardy per nine weeks. After that, you will receive a detention each time you are late. 



    Going somewhere?



    • Attend to personal needs before coming to class.  Please do not ask to get a drink, go to the restroom, or to your locker unless it is an emergency.  (Emergencies don’t happen everyday, folks!  You have five minutes between classes now.  Use your time wisely!)







    Classroom Behavior:




    Your responsibilities in this class are

    • To be one time
    • To be prepared for class
    • To be actively involved as a member of the class
    • To pay attention and not disrupt the learning of yourself or your classmates
    • To respect your classmates and teacher
    • To stay on task and not disrupt your classmates

    My responsibilities to you and your child are

    • to return phone calls and emails within 24 hours.
    • to give students the tools needed to become productive members of society
    • to give students the tools needed to read and write for different purposes.
    • to treat students with the respect that I expect to be treated







    If your behavior prevents our class from functioning well, I will talk to you privately after class.  Consider this your warning.  If your behavior continues, you will receive a detention.  If that doesn’t work, I will call your parents in for a conference.  Anyone who does anything to seriously disrupt my classroom will be sent directly to the office.




    Absences and Make-up Work:



    • If you know in advance you will be absent, please see me for your assignments before you leave.
    • If you have an excused absence, you will get to make up work missed for full credit; however, you have as many days as you were absent to make up the work. 
    • I will not hunt you down to give you assignments and make-up quizzes, tests, work.  It is your responsibility to see me before or after class to get your work.






    • I, not the bell, will dismiss you.  Please remain seated until I do so.



    Moving around the room:



    • You do not need permission to throw something in the garbage, get a tissue, or sharpen a pencil.  Use common sense, though.  If I am talking, please stay in your seat! 



    Your attitude:



    • Face it.  You aren’t going to like everything we do in this class.  I will ask that you at least try a project/activity that we are doing.  I do give grades for effort.  Come in each day with a positive attitude.  If you have a rude comment about me, a classmate, or this class, please keep it to yourself while in this room.  Let’s make this a no whining, positive attitude zone! 



    Questions?  See me!  I also reserve the right to add any rules and regulations for my classroom as I see fit. 




    Let’s make this a wonderful year in both language arts and reading! 



Last Modified on February 19, 2020