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    Nancy Murray  :)
    BS in Elementary Education from Wright State University in Spring of 1988.

    Graduate work from WSU, UD, Ashland, The Ohio State University, and Miami University.
    Master of Education from Wright State University degree earned June 13, 2009.


    According to state standards, I am certified as a Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) which ensures the school district and parents that I am offering a quality education for all my students.        


    I am currently taking some Character Education courses through UD.

    Specifically through the Department of Counselor Education & Human Services University of Dayton. 

    They are very interesting classes. 

    The classes I have completed so far are as follows:

    "Character Education: Best Practices"

    "Character Education: Developing and Implementing A Character Education Program for a Public School System"

    "Character Education: Digital Citizenship"

    "Character Education: Teacher to Teacher"






Last Modified on December 2, 2020