• Tippecanoe Educational Endowment

    Board of Trustees 2018

    The Board of Trustees is comprised of nine (9) voting seats. Trustees are confirmed by Tipp City Schools' Board of Education upon the recommendation of a TEE nominating committee. There shall be a total of (9) Trustees all serving three-year terms.

    Andi Trzeciak, Chair

    Karen Kaibas, Vice Chair

    Ruthann George, Treasurer

    Lauren Vonderheide, Secretary

    Maria Abboud     

    Jenny Anticoli

    Melissa Keller    

    Pam Sutton 

    Julie Taylor 

    Board of Advisors 2018

    The board of advisors is comprised of community members who are interested in promoting education in Tipp City Schools. Advisors participate fully in endowment meetings, help plan and carry out events, and discuss endowment business with the trustees, but do not have voting privileges.

    Alisha Barton

    Gordon Honeyman*

    Jessica Lopez

    Kari Prall

    Abby Ramos

    Molly Riehle

    Liz Robbins  

    Bill Rodenberg*

    Lisa Santucci

    Rebecca Schinaman    

    Karen Weber  

    Bill Willhelm*

    Eric Windeknecht


    Joellen Heatherly  School Board Rep

    Alicia Harrelson    Troy Foundation

    Dr. Gretta Kumpf  Superintendent

    Galen Gingerich    Asst Superintendent