• Tipp City Schools
    Background Information

    In this narrative, you will find information about our schools from a facilities assessment and appraisal conducted by Myers Associates Architects in October, 2000, for the Ohio School Facilities Commission (OSFC).

    The OSFC is a state program that provides funding assistance for constructing or renovating public schools. All Ohio school districts are ranked according to "valuation per pupil" (community wealth), and the rankings determine the order in which districts are considered for possible funding. No district is guaranteed of receiving assistance, and part of the funding for any project must come from the local community. The percentage of assistance a district is expected to provide from local taxes is based, again, on community wealth. 

    The assessment document from 2000 indicates that all of the five schools at that time, based on OSFC criteria, were approximately one-half the recommended size for their populations and purposes, all had undersized rooms (based on the OSFC recommendation of 900 square feet), inadequate heating/cooling and ventilation systems, and did not comply with standards for the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition to those observations, the report gives itemized lists of specific needs in each building and the associated costs. If you would like to see the itemized costs of facility needs from the 2000 survey, please click here.

    Since the study in 2000, the district has retired Tipp Central as a classroom building, although it is still used daily for community needs. Also, the district opened a new high school in 2004, and began using the old high school as a middle school.
    While the information in this report is 9 years old, it is still valid as an illustration of the projected cost to renovate our schools compared to building new schools. We are presenting those figures for you as they exist in the original study.

    The following information provides the October, 2000, cost comparison to renovate schools or build new:

    Nevin Coppock - built 1959
    renovate $4,700,788; build new $5,233,402

    Broadway - built 1952; addition 1966
    renovate $5,035,786; build new $6,733,383

    Tipp Central - built 1916; addition 1952
    renovate $7,424,812; build new $6,683,607

    LT Ball - built 1974
    renovate $4,774,906; build new $9,041,473

    Tipp High School (now Middle School) - built 1964; addition 1972
    renovate $10,208,003; build new $13,778,406

    Total for all schools:
    renovate $32,144,295; build new $41,470,271
    Net difference: $9,325,976 more to build new than renovate

    We also are projecting approximately what those costs would be today, using the increase in cost per square foot from the 2000 study compared to today. In 2000, the cost per square foot projected for our schools ranged from $128 to $139, for an average of  $131.

    The 2009 cost per square foot is estimated at $190, as provided by Fanning/Howey Architects. This is an estimation only and is not intended as an actual cost analysis.

    The following provides the projected cost comparison to renovate schools using estimates for 2009:

    Nevin Coppock - renovate $6,816,143; build new $7,588,433

    Broadway – renovate $7,301,890; build new $9,763,405

    Tipp Central (not used as classroom bldg.) renovate $10,765,977; build new $9,691,230

    LT Ball – renovate $6,923,614; build new $13,110,135

    Tipp Middle School (former THS) – renovate $14,801,604; build new $19,009,695

    Total for all schools:
    renovate 46,609,228; build new $59,162,898
    Net difference: $12,553,670 more to build new than renovate

    In addition to academic facility needs, the following costs are projected for upgrades to district athletic facilities.

    Football/soccer stadium
    , including bleachers, press box, artificial turf, lighting, concessions, locker rooms, restrooms, entry areas:
    $3.5 million.

    Baseball and softball fields
    , including dugouts, fence, press box,
    concessions, field resurfacing and bleachers; and tennis courts,
    including 8 new courts, fence, and a pavilion with restrooms,
    concessions and bleachers: $1 million.

    Total for all athletic facilities
    : $4.5 million.