Week of August 31
    We also use a Common Core Language Arts lesson of the day that hit different skills.  Guided reading is done daily also.  We are using a handwriting program this year called Handwriting Without Tiers.
    The students can work on this at home as well.  They should have their log in information.
    Here is a link to our text book on-line from home.  You can look at what we have been doing, what we are going to be doing, etc.  The Carmen Sandiego links are great.
    Choose mathematics from tabs on left Mathematics
    and then choose Go Math.
     Go Math!
    Your child should use his/her username and password that we use to log in to things here at school.  
    Notes about Math
    M4T (Math 4 Today)
    CC Math is a math review program that we use to spiral math concepts taught in 2nd grade as well as an introduction to new concepts that will be taught this year.  Often at the beginning the concepts are very easy.  They should be; they are review of prior taught/learned concepts.  Towards the end of the year, they will become more difficult.  Each day of the week, we will review a row of math concepts.  We will talk about the problems being posed as well as discuss how to get the answers. 
    We will use a Common Core lesson of the day that hits all aspects of grammar, reading, etc.
    We are learning about life sciences.
    Social Studies
    We are learning about Map Skills.
    A good website for practice with State of Ohio Achievement tests is...

    This site contains old math and reading tests for your child to practice at home.





Last Modified on August 25, 2020