• rainbow Rainbows of Practice

    Please use this list as a resource to practice rainbow words. Students are expected to know 40 wordsJ


    1.    Write words with sidewalk chalk.

    2.  Write words in pudding, shaving cream, yogurt, or applesauce.

    3.  Write words with markers, crayons, paint, pens, etc.

    4.  Type words on computers.

    5.  Text words.

    6.  Write words in uncooked rice.

    7.  Circle words in the newspaper.

    8.  Make words with magnetic letters.

    9.  Highlight words in a magazine.

    10. Clap each time you hear words read in a story.

    11. Use flashcards.

    12. Use scrabble tiles to make words.

    13. Make word nametags and wear them for the day – be called that word.

    14. Write words on the hopscotch board and read them as you hop.

    15. Make a “go fish” game with words.

    16. Write words on a magna-doodle.

    17. Write postcard to friends using rainbow words.

    18. Make a bingo game.

    19. Read the list each night before bed.

    20. Underline words in junk mail.


Last Modified on August 22, 2013