• Our focus this year is to BE SUPER!  Please use these ideas as a guide for rewards and consequences that are kindergarten appropriate.  Please remember that all students make mistakes.  Focusing on good behavior does make a difference. J

     A Thumbs-Up Stamp or Star Stamp on the behavior Calendar means the student is on task, following the rules. J


    Suggested Awards:


    *     High five

    *     Staying up 15 minutes later

    *     Extra book at bedtime

    *     One-on-one time with a parent


    Note:  For children who are frequently on green, a long-term goal/celebration may be a good option. You can use a calendar to record days on green.  For example:

    *     Picking a dinner destination

    *     Going out for ice cream

    *     Call a grandparent

    *     Rent a movie


    If there is a number 1,2,3,or 4 on the behavior calendar it means they had a warning and broke a rule again, then had to talk to the teacher about one of these # rules.  So the student should stop and think what could they do differently next time.  They also Lost 5 minutes of recess. 


    Suggested Consequences:


    *     Go to bed 15 minutes early

    *     No dessert

    *     Favorite toy off-limits for 1 evening.

    *     Draw a picture of a better choice.

    *     Write an apology letter with parent help.


     Each time they break another rule they will lose 5 minutes of recess again.


    Suggested Consequences:


    *     Draw a picture of a better choice or write an apology note



    *     Miss favorite TV show that night

    *     Two days without favorite toy

    *     Go to bed 30 minutes early






Last Modified on August 22, 2016