•  star owl                              Star Student

    Each week, starting in the 2nd sememster, we will feature 1-2 star students.  On the Friday before it is your child’s week, you will receive a note in  the star student backpack explaining everthing. When your child is the star student, he/she needs to bring in the following items on Monday:


    1.       The attached questionnaire (completedJ).

    2.     3-5 pictures of your child -- Students love to see pictures of friends, family, pets, and vacations.

    3.      Fill the big envelope with 3-5 items that describe your child!J


    The star student will also take home the class visitor.  While the visitor is at your home, please have your child write in the advendure journal about what they did with the visitor.  Feel free to use the previous entries as examples.  This helps to encourage journaling so allow your child to sound out to write what they did at your home.  Encourage them to use their sight words to spell words as well as sound out other words with you (its ok if they don't spell everything correctly).  Also, you can take pictures of what they did and add to the journal or your child can draw pictures to go along with the words.  The visitor will be sent home on Friday and is due back on Monday.


                                                              Thank you,

                                                              Mrs. Poffenberger 

Last Modified on September 6, 2018