Title One Reading Information
    What is Title One?
    Title One is a federally funded program to support the needs of struggling students in the areas of Reading.  As a Title One teacher, I identify areas of difficulty and intervene with intensive, targeted instruction to improve the reading skills of the student.
    How do students qualify for extra help?
    Our school has a targeted Title One program.  Students are identified for the program at the beginning of each school year by a set of multi-criteria, specific to each grade level, to include a Fall DRA score, i-Ready fall ELA diagnostic score, a phonemic awareness screener (second only), a "nonsense word" fluency screener, and a leveled fluency passage.   Students are put into a rank order based on scores, and 20% percent of students are offered intervention services.
    How will my child be served through Title One?
    Students meet with me for twenty minute sessions, five days a week, as the schedule allows.    I pull out students based on level and needs for small group instruction.  I work with the teachers to set up a block of time where students will be pulled out so they don't miss quality instruction time.  Teachers often schedule silent reading or center time so students are not missing core instruction.  If students are having a special activity or a school-wide function I do not see students.  
    I utilize the DRA3 (Developmental Reading Assessment), various screeners, informal running records and daily observations as my main assessment tools.  I instruct students at their instructional reading levels and target skills such as accuracy, decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  I use a variety of Orton-Gilingham multisensory techniques to teach explicit phonics to bolster weak decoding skills.  I also work on "red words" or sight words each week to help students be able to read and spell these very important words.  I typically work with 3 or less students at one time to ensure a comfortable, small group learning environment.  During the current CoVid 19 pandemic, students will be socially distanced, wear masks and use their own materials.   
    What is your philosophy of reading instruction?
    I use the Ohio English Language Arts standards to guide my instruction. In line with the National Reading Panel, I believe effective reading instruction involves the five elements of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.  I concentrate heavily on phonics instruction, and use the Orton Gillingham approach - a multi-sensory, systematic, explicit type of phonics instruction.  My primary focus is to see students apply the phonics rules learned during Orton Gillingham lessons.  I use decodable passages for students to practice and apply their phonics skills. 
    I also utilize high quality, engaging Literacy Footprints leveled texts for students to apply decoding skiils and to work on comprehension strategies and to inspire a love for reading.  We work on essential vocabulary, previewing and making predictions before reading.  During reading we work on fluency, accurate decoding, comprehension skills, self monitoring, refining predictions, character analysis, and how to read different types of genres.  After reading we focus on extending comprehension skills to ensure deep understanding of texts.  
    Do you give grades?
    I am not your child's general Language Arts teacher of record, therefore, I do not assign grades.   I send home quarterly progress reports to give you information about your child's growth in reading.    
    Will my child have additional work?
    Students will be receiving intensive, quality reading instruction during our time together.  I do not assign homework, but encourage students to read as much as possible outside of school.  Practice makes progress - especially with reading!  I will send home reading envelopes with second graders.  Please return them on Friday.  For third graders, I encourage them to choose books from my classroom library, school library, public library, or classroom teacher's library to earn AR points.   Please let me know if you need any assistance with reading materials in your home. 

    How can I contact you? 
    I encourage parents to contact me if they have a question or concern about their child's progress.  Email is the the best way to contact me: toldiges@tippcity.k12.oh.us. I am also available at both conference times in my classroom.   In the fall, we have a Title One Parent Informational Meeting where you can learn about the program.  An invitation will be sent home with qualifying students.  I look forward to working with you and your child and making a difference in his/her reading!


    Mrs. Tracy Oldiges
    Title One Reading Specialist
    Broadway Elementary
    937 667-6216
Last Modified on February 26, 2021