• Tippecanoe High School Choral Policies 2019-2020
    Read the following and then print and sign the Signature Sheet and turn in with a copy of your emergency medical form. 
    *  The fees for choir include a $10 robe fee and a $25 pay to participate fee.  Please pay these in the main office ASAP!

    I. Expectations

    1. Be on time and ready to sing for all rehearsals and performances.
    2. No gum, food or candy during rehearsals or performances.
    3. Be responsible for the folder and music in your slot. If these materials are lost or damaged, you will be charged. 
    4. School rules will be enforced during choral rehearsals and events; this includes the schools policies related to drugs, alcohol and tobacco.
    5. Conduct yourself in a well-disciplined manner at all music events at and  away from school. 
    6. Robes must be up kept by individual students and must be placed back in the proper number garment bag after each performance.               
    7. When performances are combined with the MS choirs, you will be asked to stay for the entire concert, including MS choir performances.
    8. No talking when directions are being given and no homework or other activities are take place when you are to be singing and learning.

    II. Uniform

    1. There is a $10.00 robe-cleaning fee that will be charged every year and collected in the main office. 
    2. Ladies: Dresses or skirts/tops with natural color hose and closed toe black shoes.
    3. Men: Black dress pants, black shoes and socks, white dress shirt with black tie.
    4. All: Maintain a uniform look. No crazy colored hair, hats or headbands.
    5. Failure to comply with uniform policies could result in the loss of right
    to perform and an unexcused grade of “0” points for the event. 

    III. Grading/Concert Attendance Policy

    1. Grades will be based on the following:
    A portion of the grade will be rehearsal attendance, participation and completion of service hours.
    A portion of the grade will be based on written tests, vocal checks, personal improvements and other assignments.
    A portion of the grade is attendance at scheduled rehearsals and concerts.
    2. Participation points will be lost:
    If a student is talking, chewing gum, not participating, being disruptive or is excessively late.

    ATTENDANCE: To participate in a concert or extra rehearsal a student must have been in school the day the concert or event occurs, as defined by the school’s attendance policy. When circumstances outside of the control of the student require them to miss a larger part of the day, request of exemption from this rule may be made to the high school principal but these requests must be made in advance and will be judged on individual merit. 

    ABSENCES: Absences from performances or extra rehearsals are to be kept to a minimum. A note most be turned in for each excused absence. Examples of absences that will be excused include: family emergencies, personal illness or death in the family. Also, SCHOOL activities per our activity resolution as printed below.  When possible, notes should be turned in two weeks in advance, in writing, signed by your parents. An excused absence will required the student to perform the music from memory and might also include a reasonable performance driven assignment. An unexcused absence will lead to a zero with no make-up work allowed. If this happens more than once, disciplinary action may be taken and/or a student may be refused future particpation in choir.

    Activity Conflict Resolution (as stated in the Athletic Policy/Student Handbook). 

     The “performance” (athletic event, concert, play) has priority over any practice or extra rehearsal.  In the event a practice or extra rehearsal is scheduled at the same time as athletic events occur in which the student is participating, the athletic event has priority and the music member is excused without penalty.  However, make-up work or alternate assignments for grade compensation may be assigned.  Conversely, in the event that the music performance conflicts with an athletic practice, the performance takes priority and non-participation by the student in the athletic event will not be penalized.

    *In the event that practice occurs at the same time in music, drama, sports, etc, the practice time is divided equally between the two ·       
    *In the event that the music performance conflicts with a game both being scheduled at the same time, the student is permitted a choice without penalty. 

    *However, make-up work or alternate assignments for grade compensation may be assigned.  If this causes a problem, the Principal will act as arbitrator and his/her decision will be final.

    *Whenever possible, all conflicts should be handled prior to the beginning of the season/rehearsals.  Although it is not the intent to punish a student, it is necessary for the coach/adviser to have a complete understanding of the availability of that student in the development of the program of that coach/adviser.

    *At times, events must be rescheduled.  If the student has two performances/events at the same time, the previously scheduled performance/event has priority over the rescheduled event.

    *Any tournament game takes precedence over a regularly scheduled concert.

    *Any music contest takes precedence over regularly scheduled game or practice.

    *Should any team make it to the State Tournament, the participating student will be excused for the music contest/concert to participate in this experience.  Other music students just as a part of the student body, will be expected fulfill their music obligations.


    IV. Service Hours


    Students will be asked to serve the choral community that they are a part of. You will be expected to work at state contest and at one other volunteering opportunity throughout the year. Most students will complete this working concessions in the fall.

    V. Travel


    Choir members must travel to and from out-of-school contests and performances via transportation provided by the board of education and approved by the building principal. Special consideration will be given only in the case of an emergency. Members may return with their parents, provided that a parent note has been submitted to the director prior to the event. The choir member must report to the director before he/she is dismissed. 


    VI. Awards


    An award will be given for each year involved.  The following awards system will be used:

    ·        First year – graduation numerals

    ·        Second year – choir letter

    ·        Third year – gold bar

    ·        Fourth year – plaque

     Symphonic Choir Special Awards

    ·        Anne Keppel Award – awarded to an outstanding senior choir member which is voted upon in secret ballot by the choir

    ·        National School Choral Award – awarded to the most musical senior choir member and it is the director’s choice


    Concert Choir Special Awards

    ·        Most Improved Choir Member – voted on by the class

    ·        Outstanding Choir Member – director’s choice


    Awards will be given at the Spring Awards Program in May.  All musicians are expected to attend this program to receive their award.  Only excused absentees (criteria for an excused absence is stated earlier) will be permitted to receive their award after the concert.

    Transfer students will be given their award if a letter from their previous director is received before April 1st, proving their membership at their old school.

    Awards may be forfeited for any unexcused absence from a   rehearsal or performance, or for dropping the activity any time during the year.


Last Modified on May 29, 2019