• 2019-2020 Symphonic Choir Officers:
    President: Katie Reeder
    Vice-President:  Adam Reed
    Secretary:  Lauryn Williams
    Treasurer:  Jaila Fletcher
    Public Relations:  Cymon Dalrymple

    2019-2020 Concert Choir Officers:  Decided in the fall

    The following duties are assigned to these offices:

    ·       President – to preside at all choir meetings, to represent the choir at all school functions where necessary; to appoint necessary committees and to be responsible for their actions, to be in charge when the music teacher is out of the room (including when there is a substitute), and help maintain a positive learning environment.

    ·       Vice President – to assume the duties of the president at the times the president is unable to perform his/her assigned duties; to assist with the programs, to organize receptions, etc after concerts, to appoint and chair the robe committee, to be in charge when the music teacher and president are out of the room, and help maintain a positive learning environment.

    ·       Secretary/Treasurer – to take minutes at all choir meetings, to take attendance at the daily rehearsal, extra rehearsals, and performances; to be responsible for writing and sending invitations and thank you notes when needed, and collect written matter when necessary.  To help with the fund raisers’ monies, to collect for special choir projects and/or functions.

    ·       Historian/Public Relations – to keep an accurate account of the “choir season.”  Include any and all newspaper articles, programs, pictures, etc. and present it to the choir in the form of a scrapbook by the end of the school year.  To update the bulletin board with current student events.  To publicize the concerts by posters, newspaper articles, school announcements, and pictures, etc.

    ·       Student Director – to conduct rehearsals in the absence of the director.  Chosen by the director after an audition in front of the choir.

Last Modified on May 24, 2019