2019-2020 School year


    I.             Choir expectations


    1.    No gum food or candy during any rehearsal or performance.
    2.    Be in your assigned seat ready to begin on time.
    3.    Sing your best every day.
    4.    Each person will be assigned a music slot.  You are responsible for the music (and folder) that is issued to you.  If the music is lost or damaged, you will be charged for it.  After class, put folder away in your assigned slot.  You must ask permission to take music out of the classroom for any reason.
    5.    All music will be memorized for performance. 
    6.    Come to class prepared with all materials (paper, pencil, music).
    7.    No talking while directions are being given or we are singing; raise your hand to receive permission to talk.
    8.    Have respect for your fellow singers, teacher and yourself. 

    * Failure to follow these expectations will result in disciplinary action.  Gum ESPECIALLY *

    II.          Grading Policy

    A portion of the grade will be based on in class participation and written assignments.
    A portion of the grade will be earned through performance in concerts.
    A portion of the grade will be based on test scores and in class vocal performances.                

                       Points will be given on a per rehearsal & performance basis on the following:

    1)    Promptness at each rehearsal & performance.
    2)    Not talking during rehearsals or performances.
    3)    Having pencil, paper, & music folder at all rehearsals
    4)   Proper concert etiquette including following concert dress code.
    5)   Most importantly, participate in singing and in class discussions. 

    Unexcused absences from performances or rehearsals will result in O points for that performance or rehearsal, and possible loss of award at the end of the year.  A second unexcused absence from a concert will result in disciplinary action and possible removal from choir.  

    III.        Attendance Policy

    Absences from performances are to be kept to a minimum.  A note signed by your parents must be turned in after each excused absence (excused absences include illness, death in a family or family emergency, etc).  We will follow the district’s athletic policy with regard to school sporting conflicts.  See Mrs. Hughes for details if a conflict occurs.  The director has the final say as to whether the absence is excused or not, and the excuses will be judged on their individual merit.  You must request approval for all other absences two weeks in advance.  This request must be in writing and signed by your parents.

     Make-up work will be assigned.  If you are uncertain about whether an absence will be excused or not, ask the director as she has the final decision about the absence.

    IV. Make-up work requirements

    An excused absence from a performance and/or an evening rehearsal will require the student to perform the music or do a make-up assignment.  This is to insure that the students know the material that has been covered in class, give them an opportunity for performance growth, and to fulfill the grade requirement for performances and scheduled practices.                     

    All choir students are expected to stay for the duration of the entire concert.

    For unexcused absences, the student will not be allowed to make-up the missed work and will be given 0 points for that performance or rehearsal.

    V.         Dress Policy

    The dress policies for all concerts & contest (unless otherwise stated) will be:
     Girls – dresses or skirts to the knee (or longer), dress shoes; no leggings or colored tights, boots or flip-flops; shoulders covered
     Boys – dress slacks, dress shirt and straight tie, dress shoes

    Dress should be conservative and classy and should always follow the guidelines above and school rules.  Failure to comply with this expectation could lead to a warning, partial loss of credit or even forfeiture of right to perform and a 0 for the performance.

    If there are questions or issues with dress code, please contact Mrs. Hughes and situations can be worked out.  

    VI.           Concert Schedule

    The concert schedule for the 2019-2020 school year has been set.   The dates are as follows: 

    Fall concert:  October 24 at 6:30pm 

    Winter concert:  December 12 at 6:30pm

    LT recruiting concert:  During the school day TBA

    Solo and Ensemble:  March 17 4-7pm at TMS

    Spring Concert:  May 7 at 6:30pm

    Contest:  7th and 8th grade only, Troy HS, May 8 after school, Times TBA

    King's Island:  7th and 8th grade only, May 9 all day


    All required except solo and ensemble and KI.  (6th graders do not do contest either)

    Any and all parents & friends are invited to our concerts.  


    VII.         Awards

    Awards for student excellence are given at the end of the school year.



    VIII.       Discipline Policy

    The purpose of this discipline plan is to improve instruction and educational opportunity by removing disruptive conduct and negative social attitude.  This discipline plan applies consistently to all students.  No favoritism will be shown. 


    Students are expected to follow the rules found under part I. “Choir expectations.” Gum is an especially big issue.  It is not safe and NOT allowed in choir.


    Consequences for unacceptable classroom behavior

    a.  1st offense:                   Verbal warning

    b.  2nd offense:                  Detention

    c.  3 or more offenses:       Principal’s office

        ***This is a guideline, each offense will be dealt with based on severity.***


Last Modified on October 22, 2019