• Circle of Friends Members 

    The children of Tipp City are depending on help from us. The Tippecanoe Educational Endowment has provided more than $60,000 in educational enhancement over the last several years to children of all ages in our district and is hoping to continue this strong tradition of giving. Without these imperative financial resources, enhancements to the curriculum, field trips, and technology purchases would not be possible. 

    The Tippecanoe Educational Endowment invites you to join our Circle of Friends. By making a donation, you are supporting the innovative teaching and exemplary student endeavors in our local Tipp City Schools. 
    Making a difference today in the educational experience of our community's children. You can donate online through the Troy Foundation. Click here and be sure to select the Tippecanoe Educational Endowment as your preferred fund under Tipp City Funds. Checks are also accepted to the Tippecanoe Educational Endowment. Simply fill out this form and mail in your donation to PO Box 103, Tipp City, OH 45371. Your contribution is  tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law due to the Tippecanoe Educational Endowment Fund being a component fund of the Troy Foundation and the Tipp City Foundation.
    We sincerely hope you will help continue Tipp's tradition of excellence moving forward by becoming a member of our Circle of Friends and we thank you in advance for your generous support.  


    Andi Trzeciak
    TEE Board Chair 
    The Tippecanoe Educational Endowment is a part of the The Tipp City Foundation, whch is a component fund of The Troy Foundation.