•  Hello again!  

    *No new assignments given after May 15, 2020 however you can still turn in any missing assignment up until May 28, 2020 at noon.  As always let me know if you need any assistance on anything moving forward.  I hope you have an enjoyable and safe summer.

    *Also, I will be posting new practice ACT questions each day on google classroom starting on May 18, 2020 until May 27, 2020.  These are OPTIONAL AND HAVE NO EFFECT ON YOUR GRADE.  If interested, attempt and turn in at google classroom and check solutions next day.  Further, I will continue to be available during our regularly scheduled zoom sessions that you can attend to ask questions.


    Assignment for May 15, 2020:  Fill out evaluation/reflection of course and submit to google classroom. 

    Assignment for May 14, 2020:  Practice ACT #2 questions - complete all 5 Q's and submit to google classroom.

    Assignment for May 13, 2020:  Practice ACT #1 questions - complete all 5 Q's and submit to google classroom.

    Assignment for May 12, 2020:  Cont. to work on cumulative review with standardized prep practice given yesterday.

    Assignment for May 11, 2020:  Complete all questions from the cumulative review that is attached on google classroom.  The questions cover material from chapters 1-9 and is a good standardized test preparation.  You get two days for this assignment and will be worth 10 points.  It is due Tuesday night at 11:59 pm.  Remember this is the last week of official assignments - LETS FINISH STRONG!


    Assignment for May 8, 2020:  Cumulative Review - please complete questions 1-14 all from pages 650-651 of your textbook and submit to google classroom.

    Assignment for May 7, 2020:  no additonal assignment, continue to work on test assigned yesterday if needed; Test is due at 11:59 pm tonight

    Assignment for May 6, 2020:  TEST TIME! On the attachment (found on google classroom) there are 20 questions and 1 bonus question. All are worth 5 points and test is out of 100. Bonus points will only be added on if you missed points elsewhere on test. Put all work and answers on your own paper. Be sure to circle your final answer to each question. You must show mathematical work or explain the logic on each question to earn the 5 points. There is only 1 change to test and it's on #19, please change csc to cos in the given equation. Submit your test responses to this assignment on google classroom like normal. You have two days to work on this so it will be due at 11:59 pm on 5-7-20. GOOD LUCK!

    Assignment for May 5, 2020:  Review for test coming on May 6th, tomorrow. Complete any 8 questions, your choice (can do more than 8 if you wish), from book test on page 647. Submit at least 8 questions/answers to me via this assignment in google classroom. I will supply answers the next day if needed for clarification. Any questions you have from review I will be willing to help. Just let me know.

    Assignment for May 4, 2020:  Complete questions 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, and 13 on page 639 and submit to google classroom.


    Assignment for May 1, 2020:  Read and take notes over section 9-6. That is all for today. Enjoy your weekend. With this being a shorter assignment you may want to take this opportunity to catch up on missing assignments in this class or another class. Sometime next week you will have a test over chapter 9.

    Assignment for April 30, 2020:  Answer the 8 questions that are found on the handout attached found on google classroom.

    Assignment for April 29, 2020:  Read and take notes over section 9-5. Complete #'s 1-8 all on page 631. Attach both notes and #'s 1-8 for submission to goggle classroom.

    Assignment for April 28, 2020:  Complete the attached ws found on google classroom over section 9-4; please submit answers to google classroom.

    Assignment for April 27, 2020:  Read and take notes over section 9-4.  There is a detailed unit circle, that I have referred to previously several times, on the top of page 622.  Hopefully you can see how all the right triangles I have incorporated fits into the unit circle.  After the notes are complete, complete page 623 #'s 1-8 all.  Attach and submit notes along with 1-8 to this assignment on google classroom.  I hope every one had a good weekend.


    Assignment for April 24, 2020: Complete the ws with 3 application questions.  Questions found on google classroom, also submit answers to google classroom too.  Have a good weekend!

    Assignment for April 23, 2020: Another Journal:  Please write (submit at google classroom) one half to one full page on one or more of the following: how you are doing, thoughts on not going back to school this spring, family, work, plans for the summer, and thought about school next year.  Quiz results will be posted in power school soon.

    Assignment for April 22, 2020:  No additional assignment today.  Finish up quiz from yesterday and make up any missing assignments seen on power school.

    Assignment for April 21, 2020: Today's assignment is a quiz.  This will be graded for accuracy.  You must show work for full credit on each question.  Each question is worth 3 points for a total of 36.  You are getting extra time to complete this assignment too.  It is not due until 11:59pm  on Wednesday.  In addition to this quiz, any missing assignments need turned in by this Wednesday at 11:59pm too.  See power school to see if you are missing any assignments.

    Assignment for April 20, 2020: Complete all questions on ws 9-3 practice.  It can be found on google classroom.


    Assignment for April 17, 2020: Read and take notes over section 9-3.  Also, attempt questions 1-11 all on page 616.  Send both notes and solutions to 1-11 when completed via google classroom.  Have a goog weekend.

    Assignment for April 16, 2020: Day 2 on section 9-2.  Make sure you compare your answers from yesterday to my solutions posted.  Today, please attempt #'s 12-42 even only on pages 608-609.  Assignment is found on google classroom and should continue to submit answes through google classroom.  Weekend is getting closer!

    Assignment for April 15, 2020: Read and take notes over 9-2 (lots of vocabulary).  Second, do numbers 1-10 all from page 607.  Use google classroom to submit.

    Assignment for April 14, 2020:  Today we continue with section 9-1.  Check answers from previous assignment first.  Please complete the even numbers from 14 to 48 on pages 599-601.  Keep in mind all posted solutions and assignments can be found on google classroom.  Keep up the good work!

    Assignment for April 13, 2020:  Read and take notes over 9-1 in textbook.  Also, complete questions 2-12 even on page 599.  Turn in, at google classroom, the picture of notes and another picture of 2-12 even.



    Assignment for April 9, 2020:  JOURNAL  Discuss the pros/cons of social distancing, long distance learning, and our current pandemic. You can talk about daily routine, sleep patterns, class work load, stuck at home, etc. Please keep it school appropriate and type/write about 3/4 of one page. This is last assignment of the week. No school tomorrow. Next assignment will come on Monday April 13th.

    Assignment for April 8, 2020:  Finished chapter 8 yesterday so now we do the cumulative review.  Today's work is to complete pgs 588-589 #'s 1-12 all.  Assignment can be found on google classroom soon and will be due at 11:59pm on April 8.

    Assignment for April 7, 2020: Today you are to complete a test from your textbook.  Please do page 585 #'s 1,2,5-11 all (skip #'s 3 & 4)  As always do assignment through google classroom.  Due today at 11:59pm.

    Assignment for April 6, 2020: Read only, no notes required, the last section of chapter 8, 8-7.  Complete questions 21-26 all on page 578.  Assignment sent by google classroom for you to reply to by 11:59 pm today.



    Assignment for April 3 2020:  Complete the worksheet sent on google classroom.  It covers section 8-6 agian - normal curve.  Use your notes, homework, my solutions, and videos for help.  It is due tonight at 11:59 pm.  Have a good weekend.

    Assignment for April 2, 2020:  Please complete the attachment with your google classroom assignment.  It is 5 questions continuting with the normal curve and probabilities.  Write complete answers when responding - only 5 questons!  Keep up the good work!  Don't hesitate to ask questions.

    Assignment for April 1, 2020:  Today the objective is to use the standard normal curve to estimate probabilities.  Assignment is to first read and take notes on section 8-6.  Next, attempt questions 27-34 all on page 572.  Feel free to use the links that follow for additional help with standard normal curve.

     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtbJbDwqWLE  (helps with general standard normal curve ideas)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyEKEL9nm28  (calculator help)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxK3s4r8Zto  (calculator help)

    As always, the assignment will be sent through google classroom and is due at 11:59 pm on April 1.  I also inlcuded an example (notes) with a standard normal curve and z scores.  Make sure you are comparing your answers the next day when I post solutions.  

    Assignment for March 31, 2020: Today's assignment is to complete page 559 #'s 17-22 all - these questions will be referring to yesterdays assignment.  I provided some more notes to read through to help you along with data from our ch 7 test from our last week at school.  After that, also read section 8-5 (notes not required today) and then answer question #'s 16-21 all on page 565.  Continue to show work if you want full credit and it also allows for me to see where you may need some guidance.  I also posted the answers to homework from yesterday on google classroom.  Please continue to reach out to me with any questions you have.

    Assignment for March 30, 2020:  Welcome back - I hope you were able to enjoy our altered spring break as much as possible.  Today will continue in chapter 8 by working soley in

    section 8-4. Please read and take notes over section 8-4 first and then attempt questions 6-12 even only on pages 557-558.  Assignment was sent via google classroom too so you can send your solutions with work shown back on google classroom.  Assignment is due by Monday March 30 at 11:59 pm.  Below are a couple of links to short videos that can help you with calculator.  Be sure to draw final graph/plot on paper for me to see when done.  (*Note that positvely skewed is the same as right skewed and negatively skewed is the same as left skewed)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By0qU-YYBJA  (helps with histograms)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXjQ3ka_UXU  (helps with box plots - my second choice)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvCw5MRo1P4  (helps with box plots - my first choice)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZRh3_H0bLw  (helps with finding 5 number summary and standard deviation)

    I hope the links help with homework today.  Keep up the good work as most of you did a fine job the week before spring break.  Please don't hesitate to contact me by email (dlmalott@tippcity.k12.oh.us) or by google classroom if you need anything! 


    MARCH 23-27 Spring Break - no assignments 


    Assignment for March 20, 2020:  Continue with population parameters - complete questions 32-39 all on page 550.  Complete through google classroom if possible.  It is due by March 20 at 11:59 pm.  Make sure you have checked your work this week with the solutions I have posted.  I will post Friday's solutions early Saturday for your use.  As always, if you have questions don't hesitate to ask.  (THIS IS LAST ASSIGNMENT UNTIL MARCH 30 SO CHECK IN AGAIN ON MARCH 30).

    Assignment for March 19, 2020:  Read and take notes over section 8-3.  Answer questions 1-25 odd only on page 548.  Please show work where applicable.  Continue to post your work at google classroom.  If you have issues loading material let me know.  Some have emailed me their work which is fine but try google classroom first.

    Assignment for March 18, 2020:  Read and take notes over section 8-2.  Complete questions 21-24 all on page 544.  Please make sure you include notes and pg 544 (show work) when turning in on google classroom.  Assignments are due at 11:59 each night.  If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me. 

    Assignment for March 17, 2020:  Read section 8-1 and take notes (if done previously then don't do again).  Complete questions 31-36 all on page 537.  Remember to show work when applicable.   Assignment will be sent by google classroom too.

    Assignment for March 16, 2020:  Please complete the journal over number sets (attached journal entry ).  Assignment will be sent via google classroom too.




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