• Bag a Book

    Dear Families,

    This year your child will have the opportunity to participate in kindergarten’s bag–a-book program. This program encourages a love of reading and beginning reading skills.

    Students will each receive a clear Ziploc like bag with their name on it. This will be used for bag-a-book traveling to and from school. Students can take home one book at a time. There is no time limit on books. When the previous book is returned a new book may be selected.

    Students will have access to a variety of good literature as well as leveled text.

    Please support this program by reading with your child, letting your child read to you, allowing your child to make up stories, and discussing what was read.  Also, help us to keep our libraries up by returning books so that others can enjoy them.

    In order to maintain this program books must be returned. At the end of the year, any unreturned books will be assigned a small fee.

    Thank you,

    Kindergarten Teachers