• Music Theory

    Mrs. Hughes, Instructor

    Music theory is a semester long course on the nature and mechanics of music. 


    This course will focus on developing:

    ·        A basic understanding of pitch and rhythm

    ·        The ability to read and analyze music

    ·        Beginning aural skills including pattern recognition, interval recognition and melodic, harmonic and rhythmic dictation

    ·        The ability to write basic melodies, harmonize using the rules of counterpoint and transpose music as needed for varying instruments

    You will need:

    ·        A Large 3 Ring Binder

    ·        Manuscript Paper

    ·        Lined Notebook Paper

    ·        A writing utensil and a ruler

    You will keep your notes, homework, workbook assignments, tests, quizzes, projects and other class relevant materials in your notebook.  Please organize it in a way that everything is clearly labeled and can be found quickly.  The notebook will be used for homework checks and will be worth a grade at the end of each 9 week period.


    Grading will be based on:

    ·        Homework assignments checked for completion

    ·        Homework assignments graded for correctness

    ·        Notebook checks

    ·        Individual and group projects

    ·        Tests and quizzes

Last Modified on August 20, 2019