It’s time to begin Spelling Tests!  The children are very excited.  Your child will bring home a spelling list at the beginning of the week.  We will take the test on Friday.  The “bonus word” is at the end of the list.  The “bonus word” can only help your child’s grade.  If they spell it correctly, they could still miss a word and get 100%.  Please practice the spelling words a little each night.  We will also practice them at school. 

    Happy Spelling!

    Kim O’Brien

    *If there is no school this Friday the tests will be on Thursday!



    Accelerated Reader Information


    Are you are wondering how to find out if a book is an AR book? 

    Please check this web site.



    Children can earn points for prizes for reading and taking AR quizzes at school.

    Here’s what to do…

    1. Child reads an AR book.  You can check if it’s an AR book by using the above web site.  Many books are AR. 

    2. Please write the quiz number and the title of the book in your child’s assignment notebook.  The quiz number is also on the above web site.

    3. Your child will need to let me know they’re ready to take a quiz in the morning. 

    4. Remember that your child is expected to read every night so this is a fun reward for them.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.  I am here to help! 

    Happy Reading!

    ~Mrs. O’Brien


    P.S. Our scheduled computer lab days are every Tuesday and Thursday.  Students can take an AR quiz on the other days of the week as well.  They simply need to ask and I’ll make sure they take a quiz when we have time available. 


    P.P.S Students cannot take AR quizzes from home.  We do not have access to that part of the program. 




Last Modified on September 9, 2019