Please read the following parking rules and regulations that must be agreed to during the parking registration process.

    Parking Rules

    Because driving to school is a privilege, I agree to abide by the following rules and regulations. I understand that violation of these rules and regulations will result in suspension and/or revocation without refund.
    1. I will observe the speed limit at all times while on school property.
    2. I will park in the designated student parking lot only. I will not loan my parking hangtag to another student.
    3. I will display my parking hangtag on the rearview mirror of my car at all times while on school property.
    4. I will not enter or use my car during the school day, or allow others to use my car, unless approval is given by an administrator.
    5. I will drive in a courteous and safe manner at all times.
    6. I will consistently yield to all busses on school property, including busses entering and exiting school property before and after school.
    7. I understand that if my parking privileges are revoked, I will not receive a refund of my payment and I will return my parking hangtag immediately upon notification of revocation.
    8. I will maintain a valid driver license. If at any time my driver license is suspended, I will notify the school administration immediately.