• Tippecanoe Educational Endowment 2016 Grant Distribution Approval



    ·      Nevin Coppock Elementary  $1,200  Sally Beam

    Kindergarten Victoria Theater Brown Bear & Other Eric Carle Stories: Funds Kindergarten field trip to Victoria Theatre for enrichment experience.


    ·      Nevin Coppock Elementary  $520.81  Melissa Johnson

    Resource Room Behavior Management Adaptations:  Funds purchase of Julia Cook books focused on social skills, three weighted lap animals, and two Hokki Stools for active sitting. 


    ·      Nevin Coppock Elementary  $1,198.97  Joanne Manes

    Early Leveled Literacy Equals Best Practice: Funds purchase of leveled reading books for kindergarten and first grade.

    ·      Broadway Elementary  $258.60  Ashley Black

    Hands On Science Resources: Funds purchase of materials for the hands on study of owls and insects to enhance the 2nd grade science curriculum.


    ·      Broadway Elementary  $1,200  Tina Smith

    2nd Grade Victoria Theater Muffaro's Beautiful Daughters: Funds 2nd grade field trip to Victoria Theatre for enrichment experience.


    ·      Broadway Elementary  $1,100 Heather Bledsoe

    Mike Manning-The Rock Man: Funds presenter for third grade students allowing hands on experience with rocks and minerals, provides earth science curriculum enrichment.


    ·      Broadway Elementary  $323.08  Mary Kate Sowder, Marilyn Potter

    Charleston Falls 2nd grade Field Trip: Funds 2nd grade field trip to Charleston Falls.  Provides hands on life science curriculum enrichment.


    ·      Broadway Elementary  $1,000 Tina Smith

    REDCAT/REDMIKE All in one Classroom Sound System: Provides funds toward purchase of classroom teacher amplification system.


    ·      L.T. Ball Intermediate School  $678.60  Heather Ker

    Mr. Lincolns Drummer Classroom Books: Provides funds to purchase classroom books to enhance the 4th grade Civil War Curriculum.


    ·      L.T. Ball Intermediate School  $ 1,200 Mike Vagedes

    5th Grade COSI Field Trip: Partially funds 5th grade students’ field trip to Columbus museum.  Improves students understanding of science concepts and nurtures scientific inquiry.


    ·      L.T. Ball Intermediate School $688 Matt Lieber

    Chromebooks for the Classroom: Funds purchase of 4 Acer Chrome books/wired mouse for use in the classroom math instruction.  The chrome books will be used for assessment, intervention and enrichment of math skills.


    ·      L.T. Ball Intermediate School $1000  Mike Vagedes & Jeanne Koch

    Outdoor Recess Equpment: Funds purchase of sports equipment for building use


    ·      Tippecanoe Middle School $1,200 Greg Southers

    Chromebooks for the Classroom: Funds utilized toward the purchase of Chrome books for the classroom and mobile lab.  Enhances students’ access to technology and aids in on-line testing.


    ·      Tippecanoe Middle School $1,046.06  Jennifer Nickol

    3D Printed Programmable Rover Project: Funds purchase of Hummingbird Robotics kit, gears, motors, sensors, battery packs and controllers to be utilized in an elective semester course.  The Rover project fosters student creativity and inspires interest in STEM.


    ·      Tippecanoe High School $1,109.96  Annette Malott

    Robotics/Engineering: Funds purchase of classroom competition super kit, Sensor Kit, battery packs for an introductory semester course in engineering.  The course will introduce students to the interdisciplinary aspects of engineering, design and programming.


    ·      Tippecanoe High School $977.70  Janet Barnard

    Ohio Caverns Field Trip: Funds 11th and 12th grade AP Biology students to tour and explore the geology of the Ohio Caverns