Team History

  • The Tippecanoe HS Academic Quiz Team program was established in the 1995 fall semester.  Our first team participated in two tournaments, one of them being the television show, High-Q.  We had five people on that first team, with no tryouts, no buzzer system to practice on, and we only practiced about ten times all year.  From those humble beginnings, the team and program has grown immensely to what we have today. Here are the milestones we have reached:

    1995-1996 – Team is started, Philip Wells (Capt), TJ Posey, David Powder, Steve Riley, Tim Wittman.  Made semifinals of High-Q.

    1996-1997 – TJ Posey (Capt), WON High-Q, qualified for OAC regionals for first time.

    1997-1998 – Brad Prichard (Capt), finished second at High-Q, won TWO tournaments.

    1998-1999 – Ryan Posey (Capt), fielded first junior varsity team, team membership exceeds 10.

    1999-Y2K – Kara Powder (Capt), made semifinals of High-Q, won THREE tournaments.

    2000-2001 – Eric Tollefson (Capt), made semifinals of High-Q, won FIVE tournaments, highest finish in school history in OAC regional play at 4th place.

    2001-2002 – Elizabeth McCrillis (Capt), won FOUR tournaments, team membership exceeds 20.

    2002-2003 – Greg Bruce (Capt), Traveled to first out-of-state tournament (Duke), won SIX tournaments.  Varsity Record: 71-30, JV record: 36-47.

    2003-2004 – Jack Zhou (Capt), Won SEVEN tournaments, Compiled 109-41 Varsity record, 71-52 JV record, accepted our first invite to PACE National Championships in College Park, Maryland. Team membership is 25, number of tournaments competed in is 25!

    2004-2005 - Zach Witeof (Capt.), Won FIVE tournaments, competed in 23 events. Varsity record was 109-22, with 88-12 record against Ohio Schools.  JV record was 65-58-2. Competed at ASCN Championships in Chicago, went 3-2 and finished tied for 9th in the country.  Finished second in the state of Ohio in OAC format, won the television competition: High-Q.

    2005-2006 - Ryan Haas (Capt. & MVP), Won SIX tournaments, competed in 23 events. Varsity Record was 112-44, JV record is 58-50.  8th in the state of Ohio at OAC. Finished second at High-Q, Competed at NAQT Nationals, went 5-5.

    2006-2007 - Ryan Haas (Capt. & MVP), Won NINE tournaments, competed in 25 events, Varsity Record was 131-21, most wins in school history, most games played in school history, best winning percentage in school history.  JV record is 60-70-2, record for most games ever played by JV in a season.  Competed at PACE Nationals, finished 18th out of 34.

    2007-2008 -  Doug Slocum, (Capt. & MVP),Won FIVE championships, Competed in 25 events. Varsity Record was 93-46, JV record is 38-50-1.  Competed at NAQT Nationals, finished 34th out of 172 teams, highest finish at HSNCT in school history, 6-5 record.  Doug finishes 20th highest individually in nation.

    2008-2009 - Aaron Peacock, (Captain), Won ONE championship, Competed in 21 events.  Varsity record was 90-50, JV record was 51-58.   Competed at PACE National Championships - Finished 6-9 record, 54th place (out of 64).

    2009-2010 - Catie Haas (Captain), Won ONE championship, competed in 26 Tournaments. Varsity record was 125-72, Junior Varsity record was 51-80.  Competed at NAQT Nationals, made the playoffs with a 6-4 record.  Ended up with card the number 34 card, went 6-5. (out of 212 teams in the prelims.)

    2010-2011 - Josh Brown (Captain), Won TWO championships, competed in 22 tournaments. Varsity record was 115-49, Junior Varsity record was 49-65.  Finished 5th at Brain Game, earned $1000 for the high school.  Competed at NAQT Nationals, went 5-5.

    2011-2012 - Hannah Walker (Captain), Won TWO championships, competed in 20 tournaments. Varsity record was 83-53, Junior Varsity record was 56-61.  Finished 5th at Brain Game, earned $1000 for the high school.  Competed at National History Bowl and Bee.

    2012-2013 - Emily Ash (Captain), Won TWO championships, competed in 25 tournaments. Varsity record was 91-75, Junior Varsity record was 70-77-1.  Finished 14th at Brain Game, Competed at National History Bowl and Bee, and at NAQT Nationals with a 3-7 record.

    2013-14 - Erin Gauthier and Joshua Bellas (Co-Captains), Won ONE championship, competed in 24 tournaments. Varsity record was 96-78, Junior Varsity record was 68-74.  Finished 5th at Brain Game, earned $1000 for the high school. Competed at National History Bowl and Bee, and at NAQT Nationals, with a 4-6 record.  

    2014-2015 - Kase Vyas (Captain), Won TWO Varsity Championships, competed in 22 tournaments, Varsity record was 138-59, Junior varsity record was 78-108,  Won  TWO Junior Varsity Championships, competed in 17 tournaments, Finished tied for 5th at In The Know, Competed at National History Bowl and Bee, and at NAQT Nationals, where the A team placed 135 out of 272 and we sent two teams to play at HSNCT for the very first time!

    2015-2016 - Laurel Spangler (Captain), Won FOUR Varsity Championships, competed in 21 tournaments.  Varsity record was 117-54.  Junior varsity record was 39-43.  Won TWO Junior Varsity Championships, competed in 10 tournaments. Competed at NAQT Nationals, where the team finished 77th out of 272 teams, which was the highest finish in school history.  Had a 6-5 record at HSNCT.  Competed at National History Bowl, where we were Small School National Champions!  Laurel was top scorer at many tournaments, and was named to HSNCT's all-tournament team, where she was 28th in America out of 1328 students.

    2016-2017 - Michael Vestey (Captain), 

    2017-2018 - Michael Vestey (Captain)

    2018-2019 - Michael Vestey (Captain)


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