• Tournament Achievements, 2015-16

    • Wright State University Tournament: Laurel, Alisha, Michael V., Kali – 6-4 record, finished 3rd out of 8 teams. Faith, Dan, Nathan – 1-9, finished 7th out of 8 teams.
    • Solon HS Fall Event: Laurel, Alisha, Michael V. – 9-2 record, 2nd place out of 32 teams. Qualified for both OAC and HSNCT playoffs!
    • Fall Kickoff Tournament, Sidney HS: Laurel, Alisha, Michael V., Ethan - 8-1 record, 2nd place out of 10 teams.  Faith played on chimera team which went 6-3.
    • In the Know/WOSU-TV: vs. Miami Trace, 575-370.  Laurel, Alisha, Michael V.,Michael G.   vs. Westerville South, Lost, 555-615.  Laurel, Alisha, Michael V., Nathan.
    • Tippecanoe Academic Challenge: Michael V., Carsten, Kali, Daniel – 5-5 record, finished 26th out of 30.
    • St. Charles Preparatory Academy “In the Know” tournament: Laurel, Alisha, Michael V., Michael G – 6-1, 2nd in their bracket.  Faith, Daniel, Nathan, Carsten – 1-6 record.
    • SAGACITY XI @ Univ. of Pittsburgh: Laurel, Kali, Michael V. -  Nathan, Michael G., Ethan
    • Rowdy Raider Open: Laurel, Michael V., Michael G., Nathan, Ethan H., Gabe – 7-3 record, finished 5th out of 23 teams.
    • TRASH @ Tipp: Michael G., Daniel, Nathan, Carsten, David played in adult event.  Gabe, Michael V., Ethan W. played in student event, went 2-4.
    • Olentangy Liberty GSAC: Laurel, Michael G., Michael V., Carsten, David, Nathan, Faithe: 3-6 record, finished 12th out of 16 teams in the National division.
    • Northmont ACT: Laurel, Michael V., Michael G., Nathan – 5-3, tied for 5th out of 16 teams.  Gabe, Ethan W., Ethan H., Ben – 1-7 record in JV.
    • Sidney Social Studies Shootout: Laurel, Michael V., Michael G., Kali – 11-0 record, CHAMPIONS!  Ethan H., Daniel, Gabe, Nathan – 8-2, 3rd out of 16 teams.
    • Culver NAQT Invitational: Laurel, Gabe, Ethan H., Michael V. – 9-1 record, Varsity CHAMPIONS! 
    • SW Ohio History Bowl and Bee, Northmont HS: Laurel, Michael G., Michael V., Faith, Ethan H., Carsten – 7-1, Varsity CHAMPIONS! 
    • Solon NAQT Glen Gonsalves Open: Laurel, Michael G., Michael V., Carsten – 6-4, tied of 7th out of 24 teams.  Laurel finished 2nd overall individually.  Faith, Nathan, Ethan H., Ethan W. – 9-1 record, Junior Varsity CHAMPIONS! 
    • CBC Academic League: Michael V., Ethan H., Ethan W., Ben, Gabe, Carsten – 6-1, 2nd place.
    • Van Wert HS (SMART I question set) – Gillian, Nathan, Ben, Carsten – 3-3 record, finished 6th out of 12 teams.
    • CBC Academic Tournament: Ethan H., Ethan W., Ben, Gabe, Michael V., Gillian, Carsten – 4-0, League CHAMPIONS! 
    • Sidney Yellow Jacket Invitational: Laurel, Michael G., Michael V., Nathan, Carsten, Ethan H. – 5-5 record, finished 9th out of 16 teams.
    • History Bowl and Bee Ohio state championships @ THS: March 19th - ALL TEAM MEMBERS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND AND COMPETE!!
    • NAQT State Championships @ St. Charles: April 9th
    • OAC Regional @ Tippecanoe: April 16th
    • National History Bowl and Bee @ Washington DC: April 21st-24th
    • Northmont Pre-Nationals warmup: May 14th
    • NAQT National Championships (HSNCT) @ Dallas, TX: May 28th-29th


    Varsity Record

    86 Wins, 27 Losses
    13 Tournaments
    3 Championships
    3 Second Places


    JV Record

    36 Wins, 37 Losses
    9 Tournaments
    2 Championships
    0 Second Places


    TOTAL Quiz Team Program record from 1995 through Summer 2015


Last Modified on July 25, 2016