• We will be utilizing Google Classroom as our online platform. The virtual classroom will provide access to updated lesson plans, resources, activities, and assignments. 

    CP 9 English  


    Mrs. Bee – Room 205 

    Contact Information:

    • Email – dbee@tippcity.k12.oh.us (preferred method of contact)
    • Phone – 667–8448 ext. 2708
    • School website – accessible by visiting www.tippcityschools.com and selecting Tippecanoe High School

    Course Objectives:

    The objective of this course is to provide an in-depth survey of literature and composition in order to improve language arts skills.  An emphasis on reading comprehension and analysis, and the writing and research process will be combined with traditional grammar and vocabulary enrichment in order to build academic communication skills as prescribed by the Ohio Department of Education English Language Arts Learning Standards and the Tipp City School District approved course of study for Language Arts.


    • Be present (daily attendance is expected).
    • Be punctual (be in your seat or online when the period begins).
    • Be prepared (bring all necessary materials and completed assignments).
    • Be participatory (engage with the material, peers, and the instructor).
    • Be polite (respect the rights of all members of the class).

    Students are encouraged to email or make an appointment with the teacher whenever they have concerns about the class (course material, questions about a grade, etc.).  It is the student’s responsibility to regularly check grades online and see the teacher with any questions.

    Discipline Policy:

    In the event that some form of disciplinary action becomes necessary, the teacher will follow the steps listed below as considered appropriate to the situation:

    1. Verbal warning
    2. Notification of parent or guardian
    3. Referral to administration

    Grading System:

    1. Grades will be averaged on a total point system.
    1. The Tippecanoe High School grading scale is:

    A+   97-100

    B+   87-89

    C+   77-79

    D+   67-69

    F    59 or below

    A     93-96

    B     83-86

    C     73-76

    D     63-66


    A-    90-92

    B-    80-82

    C-    70-72

    D-    60-62


     All student grades are accessible through the Parent Internet Grade-Viewer.

    Grades will be kept as up-to-date as possible.  Keep in mind, though, that certain assignments (particularly projects and longer written works) take additional time to grade.  Thus, in some cases, time may be required before a student’s grade is reflective of all assignments already turned in.

    Plagiarism is defined as using someone else’s words or ideas without giving proper credit.  In all writings, students are expected to use their own words and ideas (with the exception of internal citations in formal research).  Anyone using the ideas/words from someone else with the intent to pass them off as their own will receive a zero on the assignment.

    Due Dates / Absences / Make-up Work:  

    1. If an assignment is turned in on time, the student is entitled to teacher feedback and is eligible to receive full credit.
    2. If an assignment is late, the student is entitled to teacher feedback and is eligible to receive reduced credit.
    3. In the event of an excused absence, the student will be given a period of time equal to that of absence in order to make-up graded assignments. 
    4. Class assignments and handouts will be available in our Google Classroom.  It  is the student’s responsibility to get a basic understanding of what took place in class during the absence by checking with the website, a peer or by scheduling time with the teacher.

    Supplies and Materials: 

    Due to Covid-19, social distancing, and sanitizing procedures, our class supply list will look a little different this year. Much of the course material will be available online. There are a few items that students should have when we are in a face-to-face setting. Keep in mind that students will not be able to borrow or share supplies. Most of the supplies listed may also be used for other classes. 

    Please bring these to class on a daily basis.

    1. Folder or Binder to keep handouts/notes organized
    2. College ruled loose-leaf paper
    3. Blue or black pens, and pencils
    4. At least 3 different colored highlighters
    5. The English Department Reading and Writing Handbook (provided and available online)
    6. Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary Workshop book (provided)
    7. Any additional reading material that we are currently using (provided)
    8. Recommended since we can't share supplies: scissors, colored pencils or markers, glue

    Donations of sanitizing products, masks, tissues, and extra class supplies are greatly appreciated. 

    Thank you very much for purchasing these items.  If there is any reason why obtaining these items is a hardship, please contact me and we will make other arrangements.


    • Student seats will be assigned and the seating chart will change at the beginning of each quarter. If there are problems, please see me in private to discuss the situation.
    • Technology will be used to enhance student learning; however, personal devices are not to be used in the classroom unless it is a time indicated by the teacher. Also, all rules per the student code of conduct must be followed. Discipline action as stated above will be followed in the event of a student not following these instructions.


    • Anything not covered by this syllabus that falls under the policies of Tipp City Exempted Village Schools will be enforced and adhered to in my classroom.
    • As instructor, I reserve the right to make changes to the policies/procedures outlined in this syllabus at any time, provided that adequate notice is given to both students and parents/guardians.


    If you are out of class/school due to an extended illness, please be mindful of the following:
    1. Contact your teacher via email to let them know of your absence.
    2. Check Google Classroom for weekly/daily agendas.
    3. Complete and submit work as assigned.
    4. Contact the teacher via email or Google Classroom when you have questions or concerns.
    5. Check your email/GC daily for potential correspondence from the teacher.
Last Modified on September 25, 2020