• Middle School Math& Pre Algebra ( Periods 1, 2, 3, & 4)

    This week, we are learning about exponents and place value. In addition, we are learning our mulitlication tables by heart! Every student who has not yet mastered mutliplication will be making their own colorful chart. Their homework for the next two weeks is to memorize their multiplication tables, preferably right before going to sleep when it's easiest to remember. We are doing activities in class to help make this more meaningful. Coursework is designed to meet the various levels within each class. I'm inpressed with how quickly students are catching on to new material. (Week ending Sept. 8th, 2017) 

    Students are asked to study their  multiplication charts ten minutes each night before going to sleep. This is the best time to memorize infomration. All of my middle school classes will have a test on multiplication facts Thrusday, Spet. 21, 2017. While many of our students on IEPs can use multiplication tables and calculators during tests, it is very helpful to know these facts as we go on to cover more advanced material.  It is fun to watch all the connections students are making as we study factoring and decimals in all grades.  Ratios and proportions have just been introduced in seventh and eighth grade classes.

    Students in all of my middle school classes completed iReady diagnostic in math last week and will begin supplementing class instruction with iReady assignments each week. While we work on basic skills, we are moving forward with the grade level content stadards, too. Please make sure your students is spending time each evening reviewing math facts!

    Also, some students are working on learning to tell time, undertanding a celendar, and working effiectively with money. For students who need these skills, I am differentiating instruction to make sure students have a thorough undertanding of these necessary skills.

    (Week ending Sept.22nd, 2017)