• Good morning,


    Here are assignments for today, March 21, 2018. Happy Spring!

    Most students in my classes already received assignments for today.

    High School English students (6th period): Please look up/review all of the vocabulary words from the graphic novel we just read entitled, "Great Expectations."

    Please write at least five words of your choosing in a complete sentence. Please complete the characterization packets you received.


    High school Algebra students (5th period) received information on the website below yesterday.

    1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th period Math: Middle school math students received math packets to be completed at home. If you did not receive a packet, or if you have completed your packet and want additional work, please go to the following website to review materials that will be an the statewide AIRS Test in April:



    You may sign as a guest to the website above. That way, you just need to enter your grade and then select math.

    Just complete the problems you undertand. Please skip questions you don't yet understand but make a note so we can go over them in class.

    Please  write down and submit at least 3 to 7 completed questions from the online Practice test.  If you need to, you may choose a lower grade level and complete those questions instead. You may use a calculator.


    Thank you. Have a great day.





    Thank you. Have a great day!



    Please note, if you are on Alternate Assessment, this does not apply to you. Students on Alternate assessment were given math packets. If any middle school student on alternate assessment did not receive a math packet, you may choose to work on your multiplication tables (3 through 9).


    Thank you! 

    Have a great day.

    Ms. Thinnes

    Intervention Specialist

    Tippecanoe MS/HS