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    iReady Lesson Due 

    Your child will usually have Math homework on Mondays-Thursdays. 45 minutes is given each Friday to work on iReady Math in class. If at least one lesson was not passed in that time period, your student should complete and pass that lesson at home. A link to iReady and our online Math book is on my main page. If homework has been lost, please print the page from home, so your child can complete the homework. If you do not have a printer answers can also be written on blank paper. If your child has trouble with Math homework check the Interactive Student Edition. It will reteach the lesson.

    Your child should bring home the Math textbook each evening, so he/she can refer to examples for homework. There are also notes in the Math notebook. The Math notebook should be kept in the Math pocket of the binder, along with other papers that deal with the chapter we are currently learning.


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