• Week of 4/20-4/24

     Monday                 Lesson 14.2 Finding Perimeter and Area on Coordinate Plane

                                                      Practice and Whiteboards




    Tuesday          Lesson 14.2 Refer back to yesterday's recorded

                                                         lesson if need assistance

                               HMWK:  Complete GO MATH online assignment 14.2



    Wednesday    Lesson 14.2 Spiral Review

                               HMWK: Walk problem by problem through video  

                                                        Send copy of hmwk through Google Classroom



    Thursday      Spiral Review Google Form

                                        HMWK:  Submit Google Form with accurate answers 


    Friday      complete one iready


    Additional Work Ideas--only if you are interested

    **THIS IS NOT AN ASSIGNMENT   **Many parents have asked what else their child could be doing, therefore I thought I'd share with all. If you are looking for additional work, please feel free to work on Iready, as it is tailored to your abilities.  The goal was to have 30 lessons completed by March 20th. You can only benefit yourself for next year if you choose to work on additional ireadys beyond 30 lessons.  Also, feel free to log into our  GOMATH book and complete any spiral review/ End of Unit Review for Modules 1-12. There is also a 6th grade Benchmark test you are welcome to do problems from daily at the front of the book.  THIS IS NOT AN ASSIGNMENT--just additional suggestions for you to do to enhance your math skills.  I will not be collecting any of this work.  I will also post a Math Madness on Monday's in Google Classroom if you are up for a challenge and want some extra credit.  You will need to submit this to me if you want the extra credit points.   



    Math 6 Mrs. Oen 10-day Assignments Due to Virus

    **Email me anytime    cloen@tippcity.k12.oh.us

    3/16   Monday:  Work Morning Work #78-85

    3/17   Tuesday:  Finish MW #78-85/  Work on Morning Work #86-92

    3/18   Wednesday: Work on Morning Work #86-92

    3/19   Thursday: Finish and RECHECK Morning Work #86-92

    3/20   Friday:  Iready---- 20 minutes—Just be sure to have 30 done


    3/30 Monday:  p363

    3/31  Tuesday:  p364

    4/1     Wednesday:              p283

    4/2     Thursday:  p284

    4/3     Friday:  iready—20 minutes--- Just be sure to have 30 done





Last Modified on April 22, 2020