Welcome to the Step Into the End Zone Challenge

  • Step Into the End Zone is a team challenge designed to help you take more steps each day.  

    The team who has the highest average touchdowns wins!  The challenge starts 10/23/17.

    This 4 week challenge is a fun, competitive way to help you take more steps each day.

    120 steps = 1 touchdown

    You want to score as many touchdowns as possible to help your team win!  You will need to log

    your steps each week.  Successful completion of the challenge is based on individual participation, not team

    progress. The WINNING TEAM is based on the average touchdowns per team, not total steps.


    The team draft is 10/9/17 to 10/23/17.  Log on to EPC Wellness portal at www.epcwellness.org.  You must

    activate the challenge during the sign-up period.  You must also be signed in on your building team sheet,

    look for information from your building rep.


    This challenge will help boost your physical activity level.  You will move more, feel better, stress less, and most

    importantly, have fun being more active with your team!   Participants who successfully complete the challenge by

    meeting the challenge goal of logging 52.500 steps each week will earn 100 wellness dollars.



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