Community Engagement Q & A

About Facility Q & A's

  • The questions below have been compiled through feedback and requests we have received at our Community Engagement Meetings.  While we don't necessarily have time or information at our fingerprints to answer every single question at each community meeting, it is important to us that the community gets those answers!  We are continuing to collect questions and as we get them answered, we will post those answers here on our Facilities webpage.

    Last Updated January 15, 2019

  • 1. What is the Facilities Master Plan community engagement plan timeline?

  • 2. Has a side-by-side comparison been completed for renovation vs new construction for 4-8?

  • 3. Have the facilities been so neglected for so long that now we need to reinvest or tear them down?

  • 4. What are the guidelines of the OFCC and what would be the benefits & pitfalls of utilizing it?

  • 5. A few years ago it was claimed TMS was not worth saving. What has changed?

  • 6. What do growth estimates look like for Tipp City Schools and has this been taken into consideration?

  • 7. Why is the current plan a K-5 new construction and not a K-8 new construction?

  • 8. How does the district facilities plan address the current and future athletic facility needs?