know the rules
  • Student Expectations: 

    Students will be expected to have pencils (NO PENS), a notebook, a math folder, and a 2 inch binder for this class.  Students will have a GO MATH textbook and workbook that can be taken home nightly.  They will be responsible for keeping all their math notes, worksheets, and assignments in either their math folder or binder.  Students need to bring the math folder, binder, book and workbook to class daily.  Homework will be given in this math class, so it will be the responsibilty of the students to complete the homework and be ready to turn it in or check homework at the beginning of each class.  


    Make -up Work:

    Students will have the number of days they missed plus one day to turn in their work.  The student is responsible to get their make-up work from the folders in the classroom or on my teacher website.


    Classroom Rules and Expectations:

    1. Be Prompt

    2. Be Prepared

    3. Be Positive

    4. Be Productive

    5. Be Polite



Last Modified on August 18, 2018