Welcome to the Clinic at Broadway Elementary!

  • Too Sick For School?

     Keep your student home if they are experiencing any of the following signs/symptoms:

    1. Fever >100.0°F. Student should be fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication. 

    2. Persistent vomiting and/or diarrhea in the last 24 hours.

    3. Rash of undetermined nature, especially if the rash is itchy, raised and/or has vesicles, pusules.

    4. Red, itchy, irritated eye(s) with drainage. If diagnosed with conjunctivitis (pink eye), a minimum of (2) doses of medication must be administered prior to returning to school.

    5. Evidence of lice, scabies, or other parasitic infections.

    6. Shortness of breath, persistent cough, stomach pain, ear pain, or headache

    7. Any acute condition that interferes with the student's ability to participate during the school day

  • Warm Weather Days

    When the weather is hot, make sure your student brings a water bottle to school.

  • Medications at School

    Any medication given at school, including over the counter medications, must have a physician's order to be administered. Physician orders can be brought to the clinic, front office, or faxed to the school at 937-669-9405. 

    Please do not send medications to school with your student!

    The only exception to this is for cough drops. Look on the forms page for cough drop permission and instructions. 

    Questions or concerns, contact the clinic!

    937-667-6216 or email lselanders@tippcity.k12.oh.us

Last Modified on September 17, 2018