Broadway's Future Focus Group

Meetings First Tuesday of the Month 6:30-7:30pm Broadway Multi-purpose Room
  • Tipp City has had a school located in the Broadway neighborhood for 125 years.  As the currently adopted master plan does not include operating a school there in the future, pending the renovations and additions to the existing Hyatt campus schools, the school district is working to partner with the city, neighbors, and other interested community members to address the future of the property.  The school district has established a focus group with the objective of exploring possible outcomes and helping to generate interests that would best benefit the neighborhood and community.

Meeting Updates

  • Tuesday, January 8

    On Tuesday, January 8, the first meeting of the Broadway's Future Focus Group met in the Broadway multipurpose room.  The initial meeting's agenda included the identified purpose for the group, a brief history of the school site, a review of the legal process by which the district sells property, and an identification of the current knowns and unknowns moving forward in the process.  The group then broke into smaller groups to discuss their ideas, concerns, and informational needs as they began to tackle the task of exploring the future for the property.

    Meeting Resources

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