Hyatt Good Neighbor Focus Group

Next Meeting March 19 6:30-7:30pm LT Ball Cafeteria
  • As Tipp City Schools looks to renovate and make additions to the Hyatt Campus, the school district recognizes it is critical to serve as good neighbors to the residents surrounding the Hyatt campus.  A focus group is being convened of Tipp City Schools members, neighbors, and interested residents to explore and address issues like preparations for traffic flow on Hyatt St., safe pick-up and drop-off procedures, and the other growing pains that come with construction efforts.  All interested community members are invited to join in the discussion.

Meeting Updates

  • Tuesday, January 22

    On Tuesday, January 22, the first meeting of the Hyatt Good Neighbor Focus Group met in the LT Ball Intermediate School media center.  The initial meeting's agenda included the identified purpose for the group, an overview of the plans for the Hyatt site, and then a discussion aobut the construction process and the concerns of the neighbors both during the construction period as well as upon its completion.

    Meeting Resources

    Hyatt Good Neighbor Focus Group Presentation
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