Indoor Air Quality Assessment and Testing

Tippecanoe Middle School

  • Background Summary

    Environmental Doctor conducted Indoor Air Quality Testing on December 11, 2017. The purpose of the testing was to determine the presence and concentrations of volatile organic compounds, mold spores, other biological contaminants and particulates in the indoor air within certain areas of the building compared to outside the building.

    Testing Summary

    Environmental Doctor conducted air testing in Room #105, #129, #130 & The Office Area in addition to measuring normal comfort parameters such as relative humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, overall VOC (volatile organic compounds), temperature levels and airborne particulate concentrations. Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, VOC, Relative Humidity, and air particulate concentrations were taken at the time of testing.

    Results and Recommendations

    It is our professional opinion that there was no abnormal situation attributable to poor indoor air quality based on our completed tests in the designated areas at the time of our inspection. These areas were in a normal state of ecology at the time of this testing.