• Course Description: This course will take you on a journey. A journey into the inner space of thinking critically about the world around you, about stories and arguments made by other people, and about human behavior and mental processes. We will see who psychologists are, what they do, what they have learned, and perhaps most important, how they sort out truth from fiction. I hope you’ll join us on this fun adventure as we discover what Psychology is all about!


    Psych I

    Unit 1: What is Psychology?

    Unit 2: Biology and Psychology

    Unit 3: Sensation and Perception

    Unit 4: Consciousness

    Unit 5: Learning

    Unit 6: Memory: Remembrance of Things Past – and Future

    Unit 7: Thinking, Language, and Intelligence


    Psych II

    Unit 1: Motivation and Emotion

    Unit 2: The Voyage through the Life Span

    Unit 3: Personality: Theory and Movement

    Unit 4: Stress, Health, and Coping

    Unit 5: Psychological Disorders

    Unit 6: Methods of Therapy

    Unit 7: Social Psychology

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