• Daily Lesson Plans

    English 12 2019-2020 

    Quarter 1:

    Week 9:





    10/18- No school/Teacher Inservice 

    Week 8:

    10/7- Kahoot!: Medieval times. KWL: Medieval Romance Literature. Watch Mr. Osborn explain and introduce the unit.  

    10/8- PP Notes: Background Medieval Period and Characteristics of Medieval Romance Literature. Read "The Crowning of Arthur" through Arthur's birth.

    10/9-   Finish PP notes. Read from "The Mists of Avalon."

    10/10- Watch clip from Disney's The Sword in the Stone. Play Kahoot! to review the clip. Finish reading "The Crowing of Arthur."Vocab bell ringer. Kahoot! "The Crowning of Arthur." Clip: "Monty Python and the Quest For the Holy Grail." 

    10/11- Quiz: "The Crowing of Arthur" and "The Mists of Avalon." Quickwrite: Chivalry and Dating Roles

    Week 7:

    9/30- Finish draft.

    10/1- Rotate through stations to peer edit drafts.

    10/2- Final work day to revise and edit papers. Submit to turnitin.com by Friday.

    10/3- Introduce the Medieval time period and the legend of King Arthur. Watch clip from the movie, Merlin, to gain background information.

    10/4- Finish Merlin. Turn in movie questions/answers.

    Week 6:

    9/23- Compare and contrast the original Beowulf epic with the movie. 

    9/24- Compare and contrast the original Beowulf epic with the movie. Develop thesis statements. 

    9/25- Finalize thesis statements and draft the introduction. 

    9/26- Map out the three body paragraphs. 

    9/27- Draft body paragraph one. 

    Week 5: 

    9/16- Review Anglo-Saxon time period and Beowulf. HW: Study for tomorrow's Beowulf test. 

    9/17- Anglo-Saxon/Beowulf test. 

    9/18- Watch Beowulf.  

    9/19- Watch Beowulf.

    9/20- Finish Beowulf movie. Write a review of the movie focusing on how well it portrays the original epic's setting, characters, plot, and theme.

    Week 4:

    9/9- Review Anglo-Saxon/Beowulf vocab. Finish Grendel's mother's lair and battle comic. 

    9/10- Anglo-Saxon/Beowulf vocab and reading quiz. Read "Beowulf's Last Battle." 

    9/11- Watch clips from The Hobbit and compare the epics.

    9/12- Watch clips from The Hobbit and compare dragons.

    9/13- Read "The Death of Beowulf" and "Mourning Beowulf." Complete study guide questions and submit.

    Week 3: 

    9/2- No school. Labor Day. 

    9/3- Supply check. Make vocab flashcards. Read "Beowulfl" and complete study guide. 

    9/4-  Read "The Battle with Grendel."

    9/5- Watch the rap battle between Grendel and Beowulf. Finish Beowulf packet and submit.

    9/6- Read "Grendel's Mother" and "The Battle with Grendel's Mother." Begin Grendel's mother's lair and battle comic. 

    Week 2: 

    8/26- Anglo-Saxons and Beowulf Unit Overview: KWL Brit. Lit. Discuss Tolkien's role in Beowulf's lasting impact. Watch youtube: "Mr. Osborn introduces the Anglo-Saxons." Define scop, epic narrative, and Anglo-Saxon. Play Kahoot! Intro to epic narratives

    8/27- Notes from textbook pages 22-27: Historical Context and A History of Invasion. Youtube: Top 10 Fascinating Facts about the Anglo-Saxons.

    8/28- Notes: Cultural Influences. Read from Beowulf: "Grendel."

    8/29- Kahoot! Anglo-Saxons.

    8/30- Quickwrite. HW: Supply check will be Tuesday. Please have your binders ready.

    Week 1:

    8/20- First day of classes for freshmen and sophomores. Seniors need to complete a job shadow or college visit and submit the appropriate documentation to their advisors.

    8/21- Syllabus overview, supply list distribution, and get-to-know-you questionnaire. Snowball activity: One thing my classmates don't already know.

    8/22- ONE WORD. See the video here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CShvhZ7D0fg   Students will carefully choose their words.

    8/23- Write letter to graduating self and how your one word will be incorporated into senior year to make it the best year yet. 



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