• Daily Lesson Plans

    English 12 2019-2020 

    Distance learning schedule for the extended COVID-19 shut down- 

    All assignments and interactions should occur through Google Classroom: Students, please check your gmail accounts. 


    Here is a link to the activity packet: Click Here (It can also be found on the Classwork tab on Google Classroom)


    Extended Spring Break/Work-from-home lessons:

    **Students, please check your school gmail, and I've sent invitations for Google Classroom. Use these lessons through April 3rd, and we will convert to Google Classroom on April 6th. It's up and running now if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet!

    Week 3: 

    3/30- Read Frankenstein Ch. 12 (summary), Ch. 13 (summary), and Ch. 14. Pages 108-117.

    3/31- Read ch. 15. Pages 118-127.

    4/1- Read ch. 16. Pages 128-137.

    4/2- Complete Frankenstein Activity Pack pages 27-30.

    4/3- Complete Frankenstein Activiy Pack pages 31-32. Complete Quickwrite on notebook paper using the journal prompts and discussion questions (c.) on pages 31-32. You may also revise the prompts to something about Frankenstein ch. 11-16 that you would like to write about. 

    Week 2: Spring Break


    Week 1:

    3/16- Read Frankenstein Ch. 8. Pages 79-88.

    3/17- Read Frankenstein Ch. 9 (Summary) and Ch. 10. Pages 89-97.

    3/18- Complete Frankenstein Activity Packet pages 17-22.

    3/19- Complete Frankenstein Activity Packet pages 23-24. Complete Quickwrite on notebook paper using the journal prompts and discussion questions (c.) on pages 23-24. You may also revise the prompts to something about Frankenstein ch. 5-10 that you would like to write about. 

    3/20- Complete Frankenstein Activity Packet page 26 prior to reading chapter 11. Then, read ch. 11 pages 99-107.



    Quarter 3: 

    Week 9: 

    3/9- Continue reading Frankenstein

    3/10- Build resume through Naviance.

    3/11- Finish resume. Finish reading ch. 5 and read ch. 6 summary.

    3/12- Read ch. 7-10.

    3/13- Work on reading activity packet ch. 5-10. 

    Week 8:

    3/2- Review and finish reading the letters.

    3/3- Read chapters 1-3.

    3/4- Read chapter 4 and complete pages 7-15 in the activity pack.

    3/5- Quickwrite: Respond to one or more of the journal entry prompts in the activity pack. Have class discussion over ch. 1-4.

    3/6- Finish activity pack through ch. 4 and submit. Find, read, and take quiz on NewsELA. 

    Week 7: 

    2/24- Use NewsELA to introduce Frankenstein and Romance Literature. 

    2/25- School-wide testing. Seniors complete job shadow or community service. 

    2/26- Watch movie trailers for Frankenstein. Begin reading. 

    2/27- Snow Day!

    2/28- Read Letters 1-3 in Frankenstein.

    Week 6: 

    2/17- No school. Presidents Day.

    2/18- Finish Act V and watch movie. Complete the study guide. 

    2/19- The Simpsons: Hamlet. Watch Crash Course in Literature: Hamlet. HW: Prepare for Hamlet test. 

    2/20- Take the Hamlet Test

    2/21- Quickwrite: "To Like or Not To Like." Introduce NewsELA. Find an interesting article, read it, and take the quiz. 

    Week 5: 

    2/10- Watch Act IV. Complete study guide. 

    2/11- Review Act IV. Read Act V. 

    2/12- Finish Hamlet movie. Review. HW: Test tomorrow. 

    2/13- Hamlet Test.

    2/14- No school. Teacher In-service.

    Week 4: 

    2/3- Review phrases v. clauses (handout). Listen to Act III, scene 2. 

    2/4- Watch Act III, scenes 2-4. Use written play to complete study guide for respective scenes. 

    2/5- Use written play to complete study guide for Act III.

    2/6- Act III quiz. Begin watching Act IV. 

    2/7- Gramma' time. Weird Al: Word Crimes. Review dependent and independent clauses. Continue Act IV. 

    Week 3: 

    1/27- Read Act II, scene 2 page 30-37.

    1/28- Introduce the hierarchy of word units and sentence types. Read Act II, scene 2 pages 38-top of 48. This completes Act II. Complete and submit study guide. HW: Act II quiz tomorrow. 

    1/29- Act II quiz. Begin Act III. Read scene 1 and answer the study guide questions. 

    1/30- Grammar lesson: The Hierarchy of Word Units.  

    1/31- Kahoot!: phrases vs. clauses. "To Be, or Not To Be?" movie clips and explanation. Review Act II quiz and Act III, scene 1 study guide questions. 

    Week 2: 

    1/20- MLK day. No school. 

    1/21- Minilesson: Types of sentences. Watch Act I and review. HW: Prepare for Act I quiz tomorrow. 

    1/22- Act I quiz. Quickwrite: Review the clip from Renaissance Man when Bill assigns the first writing prompt. Respond to his prompt. Additionally, can you empathize with Hamlet's character? 

    1/23- Begin Act II scene 1.

    1/24- Act II scene 2.

    Week 1:

    1/13- Begin Hamlet. Read Act I scene 1. 

    1/14- Complete scene 1 study guide questions. Read Act I scene 2.

    1/15- Finish scene 2 and complete scene 2 study guide questions. Read Act I scene 3.

    1/16- Complete scene 3 study guide questions. Read Act I scene 4.

    1/17- Complete scene 4 study guide questions. Read Act I scene 5. We'll watch Act I on Monday and quiz on Tuesday.

    Quarter 2:

    Week 10: Last week of the semester/quarter.

    1/6- Continue Renaissance Man.

    1/7- Finish movie and write a movie review. 

    1/8- Kahoot! William Shakespeare. Intro Shakespeare PP. Watch Mr. Osborn introduce the next unit: The Renaissance.

    1/9- Hamlet introductory Prezi. 

    1/10- Finish Prezi. Quickwrite: Freewrite.


    12/16- Exam review day. Finish Renaissance Man.

    12/17- Exam 10

    12/18- Exams 1 and 9

    12/19- Exams 3 and 6/7

    12/20- Exams 2 and 4/5

    Enjoy your Christmas Break!

    Week 8: 

    12/9-  Medieval Fair Presentations.

    12/10- Finish presentations. Complete listeners log. 

    12/11- Medieval research and fair reflection. Exam overview. 

    12/12- Exam review. Begin watching Renaissance Man as intro to Hamlet. 

    12/13- Exam review. Continue Renaissance Man. 

    Week 7:

    12/2- Work on presentation visual aid. 

    12/3- Wrap up research. 

    12/4- Wrap up research. 

    12/5- Practice oral presentations. 

    12/6- Present Medieval research. 

    Week 6: 

    11/25- Find images to correspond to the three main points to use on the presentation visual aid. Copy and paste into a google.doc and share with Mrs. Pitts.

    11/26- Revise research cards and work on presentation visual aid. 

    11/27-11/29- Thanksgiving Break! Enjoy your time with family, friends, and food. 

    Week 5:

    11/18- Research. Create 2nd works consulted card. Create 5 notecards for 2nd source. 

    11/19- Research. Create 3rd works consulted card. Create 5 notecards for 3rd source. 

    11/20- Research. Wrap up research. Students need a minimum of 3 works consulted cards and 15 notecards. Notecards do not have to be evenly distributed among the sources so long as sources are somewhat evenly used for a total of 15 cards. 

    11/21- Finalize research. Complete outline cards (one for each main point).

    11/22- Research card check (20 points). Begin developing a thesis. 

    Week 4:

    11/11- Work on research. Complete character notes. Review the Arthurian romance. 

    11/12- SNOW DAY!

    11/13- Period 2 will take Arthurian Quest (Quiz/Test), Period 9 will be on a field trip to AFB. 

    11/14- Period 2 Research, Period 9 Arthurian Quest (Quiz/Test)

    11/15- Research. By the end of class today, students should have a minimum of 1 works consulted card and 5 fact cards. 

    Week 3:

    11/4- Prepare/Reflect upon The Devil in the Grove and Gilbert King's visit. 

    11/5- Begin reading "The Death of Arthur." 

    11/6- Finish reading "The Death of Arthur." Answer comprehension questions. 

    11/7- Research Medieval topic in the library. 

    11/8- Minilesson: Works Cited Cards (AKA Source Cards). Find a good source in the library, complete a source card. Read about topic. 

    Week 2: 

    10/28- Read "The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights." Compare Steinbeck's writing style with Malory's 

    10/29- Intro works consulted cards. Finish "Acts." Quiz

    10/30- Intro fact cards. Begin research for Gilbert King's visit.

    10/31- Create Google.slide and works cited for research.

    11/1- Rehearse, present, reflect. 

    Week 1: 

    10/21- Quickwrite: First Quarter Reflection.  Finish Coat of Arms and present.

    10/22- Write explanation for Coat of Arms.

    10/23- Read excerpts from "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table." Annotate and fill in notes at the back of the story.

    10/24- Distribute Medieval research topics. Use a chromebook to do brief research on each of the topics and narrow it down to top 3 picks. 

    10/25- College and Career Fair. 

    Quarter 1:

    Week 9:

    10/14- Complete make-up quizzes. Complete character notes.

    10/15- Introduce Medieval Romance Conventions. Fill in side for "The Crowing of Arthur." Begin reading "The Tale of Sir Launcelot du Lak."

    10/16- Finish "Sir Launcelot du Lak" and Medieval Romance Conventions chart. Submit chart. 

    10/17- Catch up on character notes. Begin Coat of Arms. 

    10/18- No school/Teacher Inservice 

    Week 8:

    10/7- Kahoot!: Medieval times. KWL: Medieval Romance Literature. Watch Mr. Osborn explain and introduce the unit.  

    10/8- PP Notes: Background Medieval Period and Characteristics of Medieval Romance Literature. Read "The Crowning of Arthur" through Arthur's birth.

    10/9-   Finish PP notes. Read from "The Mists of Avalon."

    10/10- Watch clip from Disney's The Sword in the Stone. Play Kahoot! to review the clip. Finish reading "The Crowing of Arthur."Vocab bell ringer. Kahoot! "The Crowning of Arthur." Clip: "Monty Python and the Quest For the Holy Grail." 

    10/11- Quiz: "The Crowing of Arthur" and "The Mists of Avalon." Quickwrite: Chivalry and Dating Roles

    Week 7:

    9/30- Finish draft.

    10/1- Rotate through stations to peer edit drafts.

    10/2- Final work day to revise and edit papers. Submit to turnitin.com by Friday.

    10/3- Introduce the Medieval time period and the legend of King Arthur. Watch clip from the movie, Merlin, to gain background information.

    10/4- Finish Merlin. Turn in movie questions/answers.

    Week 6:

    9/23- Compare and contrast the original Beowulf epic with the movie. 

    9/24- Compare and contrast the original Beowulf epic with the movie. Develop thesis statements. 

    9/25- Finalize thesis statements and draft the introduction. 

    9/26- Map out the three body paragraphs. 

    9/27- Draft body paragraph one. 

    Week 5: 

    9/16- Review Anglo-Saxon time period and Beowulf. HW: Study for tomorrow's Beowulf test. 

    9/17- Anglo-Saxon/Beowulf test. 

    9/18- Watch Beowulf.  

    9/19- Watch Beowulf.

    9/20- Finish Beowulf movie. Write a review of the movie focusing on how well it portrays the original epic's setting, characters, plot, and theme.

    Week 4:

    9/9- Review Anglo-Saxon/Beowulf vocab. Finish Grendel's mother's lair and battle comic. 

    9/10- Anglo-Saxon/Beowulf vocab and reading quiz. Read "Beowulf's Last Battle." 

    9/11- Watch clips from The Hobbit and compare the epics.

    9/12- Watch clips from The Hobbit and compare dragons.

    9/13- Read "The Death of Beowulf" and "Mourning Beowulf." Complete study guide questions and submit.

    Week 3: 

    9/2- No school. Labor Day. 

    9/3- Supply check. Make vocab flashcards. Read "Beowulfl" and complete study guide. 

    9/4-  Read "The Battle with Grendel."

    9/5- Watch the rap battle between Grendel and Beowulf. Finish Beowulf packet and submit.

    9/6- Read "Grendel's Mother" and "The Battle with Grendel's Mother." Begin Grendel's mother's lair and battle comic. 

    Week 2: 

    8/26- Anglo-Saxons and Beowulf Unit Overview: KWL Brit. Lit. Discuss Tolkien's role in Beowulf's lasting impact. Watch youtube: "Mr. Osborn introduces the Anglo-Saxons." Define scop, epic narrative, and Anglo-Saxon. Play Kahoot! Intro to epic narratives

    8/27- Notes from textbook pages 22-27: Historical Context and A History of Invasion. Youtube: Top 10 Fascinating Facts about the Anglo-Saxons.

    8/28- Notes: Cultural Influences. Read from Beowulf: "Grendel."

    8/29- Kahoot! Anglo-Saxons.

    8/30- Quickwrite. HW: Supply check will be Tuesday. Please have your binders ready.

    Week 1:

    8/20- First day of classes for freshmen and sophomores. Seniors need to complete a job shadow or college visit and submit the appropriate documentation to their advisors.

    8/21- Syllabus overview, supply list distribution, and get-to-know-you questionnaire. Snowball activity: One thing my classmates don't already know.

    8/22- ONE WORD. See the video here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CShvhZ7D0fg   Students will carefully choose their words.

    8/23- Write letter to graduating self and how your one word will be incorporated into senior year to make it the best year yet. 



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