Class Behavior


    In our classroom we will be using a behavior color chart. Throughout the course of the day, students can move up or down on the chart as needed.

    • Blue - Fabulous behavior & awesome choices
    • Green - Good Day! Students start here each day.
    • Yellow - A warning and reminder to make better choices.
    • Orange - Students will use 5 minutes of recess time to walk laps and reflect on their choices.
    • Red - Students will miss all recess, a phone call home (or note) will be made, and students may have a conversation with Mrs. Smith. Some behaviors will move a student straight to red (i.e. hitting, kicking, etc.).

    Each day, students will color in their color on their behavior chart. Please check this nightly and initial it at the end of each week.
    Also, students will keep track of the number of Tipp tickets they receive. Students earn tickets by being respectful, responsible and showing integrity. Each quarter there is a reward for the students that earn enough tickets to participate.