AR Quizzes

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    Your son/daughter will have the chance to earn prizes by taking AR quizzes. These quizzes can only be taken at school, however there is a way for you to help with this!

    Each time your child reads a book at home you can check to see if it has an AR quiz. To do this:

    1. Follow this link: AR Book Finder
    2. Select "Parent"
    3. Type in the title of the book and click the search button. If it has an AR quiz it will be listed in the results. (Make sure to find the right book by checking the author!)

    If it has a quiz, write the AR quiz number in your child's assignment notebook or on the monthly reading log next to the book.

    During our computer lab times (Mondays and Thursdays) students are able to take those quizzes to earn points. Occasionally there will also be chances on different days of the week for AR quizzes to be taken.

    Having the quiz numbers written down significantly helps! Without the quiz numbers the students have to type in the book title (without any mistakes)! This can take a long time, taking away time to work on other beneficial computer activities.

    On the inside of your child's take home folder you will see an AR prize chart. Students will use this to track how many points they have and what prizes they have earned.