Other Information

  • Dismissal - All second grade students who walk or are picked up will be exiting in the front of the school, through the door by the garden. They will be expected to use the crosswalk if they need to cross the street.

    Assignment Notebook - If there are changes to our routine or changes in our weekly homework they will be written in the assignment notebook. Please check and initial this every day. I check this every morning, so it is a great place to write notes that I need to see.

    Take Home Folder - Students will bring this home each night. Please check it nightly and empty out the "Keep at Home" side! If you have papers for me please put them in the Return to School side of the folder. I check this each morning.

    Related Arts Schedule
    Quarter 1 - Library      Quarter 2 - Art       Quarter 3 - Music         Quarter 4 - Physical Education

    Water - Students are currently unable to fill up water bottles at school. They are also unable to use the drinking fountain. Please send in enough water for your child throughout the day, even if that means multiple water bottles.

    Things to check each morning -
    Does my child have a fever?
    Does my child have enough water for the day?
    Does my child have a mask (and an extra just in case)?