• Assignments for the week of  March 30:


    Right now, we are still planning how to turn in assignments   Stay tuned   

    Monday, March 30:

    Read either CommonLit article from packet.  Answer multiple choice questions AND one short answer question. If you have lost your packet, create an account with CommonLit and find an article to read and complete.  If you have lost your packet, you may also use a Newsela article.  DON'T FORGET TO ANNOTATE!  


    Tueday, March 31:

    Finish CommonLIt article from packet.  See yesterday's instructions 


    Wednesday, April 1:

    Start on second CommonLit article.  Answer multiple choice questions and one short answer question.  Don't forget to annotate!!!! 


    Thursday, April 2:

    Finish CommonLit article from Weds with activities



    Read something, anything for at least 20 mins.  


Last Modified on April 2, 2020