Distance Learning FAQs

  • Beginning Monday, April 6, Tipp City Schools will be going to an online learning platform for students while schools are closed.  Students will need an electronic device (computer, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and an internet connection to participate in online learning opportunities.  We have provided an opportunity for Chromebook loans and will continue to provide alternate learning plans available to students who do not have a device and/or internet connection available in their household.  We understand there may be lots of questions surrounding the specifics of this plan and will continue to provide more detailed information as we have it available and the situation evolves.  If you have a question about the distance learning plan that is not addressed below, please send those questions to info@tippcity.k12.oh.us.  For questions specific to your child's instruction, their access, or curricular accommodations, please reach out to the student's teacher and school principal.


    About Continued Learning Opportunities

    How do I find the details of the online learning plan that starts April 6?

    Parents of students in Grades K-1 can expect to receive regular emails from your child's teacher and can also visit the teacher's webpage for information on the plans, activities, and other opportunities upcoming.  Students in grades 2-12 will have their instructional resources provided through Google Classroom.  This is where students will get assignments, lessons, recordings, and resources. They will also submit work through this platform.  Teacher's plans will be provided to students on that platform, and you may be redirected from a teacher's webpage directly there as well.  Students in grades 6-12 should check their school email regularly for important information.

    How do I access Google Classroom?

    From the Tipp City Schools Home Page, click on Google Classroom link in the Distance Learning menu (left-hand menu pane).  Information for parents about Google Classroom can be found HERE.  Google Classroom only works for student's school accounts.

    Parent's Guide to Google Classroom

    How do I join a Google Classroom?

    From the Tipp City Schools Home Page, click on Google Classroom Enrollment Codes (left-hand side Distance Learning menu).

    Note the  Enrollment Code for the class you want to join.

    Click on the Launch Google Classroom link.

    Click on the + sign in the upper right corner of the Google Classroom then click on Join Class.

    Type the Join Code and click Join.

    How will teachers communicate with my student during the closure?

    Teachers will utilize email (grades 6-12), Google Classroom, G Suite for Education, and/or ZOOM to provide feedback to students.  The district will have a daily “Connection Hour” for students/families. This means specific teachers will be accessible to quickly respond to a student/parent email, chat forum, or phone call. This time will be coordinated and communicated to families by building principals. The schedule will also be available via Google Classroom. Staff will still be available by email throughout the school day with a response within 24 hours when possible.

    I keep hearing about 'ZOOM bombing' and other privacy issues. How is Tipp City Schools addressing these to ensure the privacy of our students?

    The ZOOM accounts our staff use for working with students are centrally-managed with security settings in place to prevent these threats, including waiting rooms, defaulting to camera-off and mic-off upon entry, meeting passcodes, limited screen-sharing, and more.  Most of the media posts related to ZOOM mishaps are due to situations where teachers are using unmanaged tools and are not careful about the settings.  There has been a very drastic shift in education in just a few weeks, and many teachers are working to adapt to the new environment.  In addition to forcing these security settings, we have provided ZOOM training resources to teachers and continue to offer work sessions with them to promptly learn more about these tools. 

    While we explored other tools for video conferencing with students, ZOOM was selected due to greater security risks being identified in other products from Google and WebEx. ZOOM remains an ODE endorsed tool for distance learning, and it does not require accounts for our student users who view meetings through a browser, further protecting their digital privacy.  Lastly, student engagement in synchronous engagements using ZOOM will be optional as the events hosted by teachers can be recorded and posted to Google Classroom for later viewing by students not in attendance.  As the situation is continually evolving with distance learning tools, we will continue to review security and privacy risks in all of our distance learning tools and make necessary revisions to the plan as more information becomes available.

    UPDATE (4/15/2020) - Google has made a series of education-friendly changes to Google Meet over the last week to vastly improve and secure its use with students. It also now has a great integration with Google Classroom! You may now see teachers begin to utilize this to engage your students in video conferencing for both synchronous and asynchronous engagement. It will not replace the district's use of Zoom, but serves as another tool in our tool belt to provide meaningful instruction to students during the extended closure.  Learn more about Google Meet in Distance Learning


    About Devices & Accessing Online Learning Tools

    How do I get a Chromebook loaner?

    We have conducted a Chromebook loan program to students based on a need vs. want basis at the end of March and first week of August as the school closures were extended by the governor.  Chromebook device requests were accepted through Tuesday March 31, 2020.  Those who contacted the district were provided further information about pickup times and locations.  Those Chromebooks will be collected once students return to school.  To help ensure student safety, these will be filtered devices to be used only for student learning.  While no web filter in perfect, social media, online shopping and other inappropriate sites will be filtered.  Please remain cognizant of your students activities on these devices should there be efforts by students to circumvent these preloaded filters.

    We do not anticipate additional offerings for coordinated device loans beyond that initial time frame due to safety concerns around the evolving circumstances surrounding the coronavirus spread.  Please keep your students' teachers and principal informed if access is an issue for continuing learning opportunities so they are aware and can work with you on alternate options. 

    What if I don’t have an internet connection available?

    Please contact your building principal so that alternate accommodations may be made. That contact information is available HERE 

    How do I begin online learning April 6?

    Those who are taking a Chromebook loan also will receive paperwork that includes basic Chromebook instructions and how to obtain/use student username and passwords, as well as information on how to login.  Online learning begins April 6. Due dates will be flexible throughout this process.  Those who already have a device may learn how to use Google Classroom by clicking HERE.

    Once online learning begins, those with technical difficulties with a home loan device may get help by calling (937) 669-6385 or by emailing techhelp@tippcityschools.com.

    Can I purchase a Chromebook?

    Yes. Those who wish to purchase a Chromebook from a vendor of their choice for their student to keep permanently are encouraged to purchase an 11-inch Chromebook of any make or model.  Tipp City Schools will not be selling Chromebooks and will be collecting all loaned Chromebooks once regular classes resume.

    Does my student have to have access to a Chromebook?  Does a laptop, computer, iPad or Smartphone work?

    Your student certainly does need to use a Chromebook specifically. Chromebooks are the inexpensive mobile device we use in large quantities in the schools due to their simple interface, keyboards, and reasonable battery-life.  Students will be able to participate in the online learning opportunities using a wide variety of tools.  Teachers control the activities given to your students, so if you have specific concerns, please contact the teacher or principal.  For the most part, most activities could often be completed using a smartphone depending on the grade level or complexity of the subject, albeit slower when typing than with a device that has a full keyboard.  Teachers should be flexible with students and parents as we adjust to the changing circumstances this Spring.


    About Chromebook Loans

    • Only allow logins from Tipp City Schools staff and student accounts.
    • Have the same Internet filtering installed as they do in the district.  Many social media sites and other adult content is blocked along with other non-educational categories.   Please note that filters are not perfect and we cannot guarantee that all inappropriate sites are blocked.   
    • Are older.  As such, their batteries may not last as long as they did when they were new.   You may need to charge them often.
    • The devices and the AC adapter provided will be required to be returned at the conclusion of the closure or school year.  As with textbooks, fees may be assessed for lost or damaged devices.


    How Do I.....

    How Do I Turn on the Chromebook?

    Open the Chromebook.   If the screen does not automatically come on push the power button for 5 seconds.  It may then take a moment for the screen to turn on.

    How Do I Turn off the Chromebook?

    Push the power button for 5 seconds.

    How Do I Connect the Chromebook to WiFi?

    Your Chromebook should automatically look for available networks and show them to you in a list.  If it does not, you may select the WiFi settings in the bottom-right corner near the clock.

    Click on the WiFi Network you want to connect to.    If the WiFi Network requires a password, a box will pop up allowing you to enter the password.

    Information for this network is automatically saved so you can connect automatically later.

    How Do I Find My Student’s Username and Password?

    If you do not know your student’s username or password, please contact your student’s teacher or principal via email or contact the school by phone and leave a message so that the office staff may return your call with that information.  Chromebook logon credentials are the student’s username@student.tippcityschools.com

    How Do I Sign Into the Chromebook?

    Enter your entire student email address. The ' @student.tippcityschools.com ' for student accounts should already be present and does not have to be typed in.  Click Next.  Enter your password.  Click Sign in.

    How Do I Sign Out of the Chromebook?

    Open the system menu in the bottom-right corner of the screen where the clock and WiFi signal strength show.  At the top of the pop-up menu, select the Sign out button.

    I have multiple students sharing a Chromebook.  How do they change accounts from one student to another on the Chromebook?

    Our Chromebooks are configured to only allow one Google account to be signed in at a time for security.  In order to switch from one student to another, the student must sign all of the way out of the device so another student may sign in.  To sign out of a Chromebook, open the system menu in the bottom-right corner of the screen where the clock and WiFi signal strength show.  At the top of the pop-up menu, select the Sign out button.

    How Do I Charge the Chromebook?

    Chargers were given out with each Chromebook.   The small barrel end of the charger goes into the charging port on the Chromebook.  This is located near the hinge on the left side.  Plug the charger into any electrical outlet.

    Is There an Email Address or Phone Number for Tech Support?

    We have set up a Student/Parent support helpline.   Please email techhelp@tippcityschools.com or if you prefer to talk to someone you can call 937-669-6385.  If you do not get an answer please leave a detailed message with a callback number and someone will call you back as soon as possible.

    This email/phone number is for technical support only.   Please contact the teacher or building principal with any curricular questions or requirements for any of their activities.