• Beginning Reading Strategies

    Beginning Reading Strategies

    A Helpful Guide for Reading With Your Child
    Reading Strategies To Use with Early Readers

    Strategy 1: Look at the Picture

    Good readers depend on language patterns and pictures
    When the child errors: ask, “What do you think it could be?” “Look at the picture.”

    Strategy 2: Does it Make Sense?
    Good readers make sure that what they read is logical and makes sense
    When the child errors: say, “Try that again and think what would make sense.”

    Strategy 3: Get Your Mouth Ready
    Good readers use the beginning sound(s). Say, “Get your mouth ready” for unknown words to better predict the correct word.
    When the child errors: ask, “Do you know a word that starts with those letters?”

    Strategy 4: Does it Look Right?
    Good readers check their reading by looking through the entire word from left to right and by asking “Does it look right?”
    When the child errors: ask, “ Would ______________fit there?” “Do you think it looks like ____________?”

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Last Modified on April 1, 2020