• English 12 Course Outline


    Resources:  Google Classroom, Newsela, CommonLit

    *Goal to expose students to diverse British literature to (hopefully) inspire interest and a healthy respect for the written word while gaining a heightened awareness of context/cultural standards

    Time Frame





    1 and 2


    Vocabulary For Achievement

    Third Course

      Vocabulary acquisition and usage 

      Pre and Post Tests

      Vocabulary Quest  - online w/in person 


    Semester 1 and 2


    Conquer the Comma

    Adaptive exercises



      Improve mechanics, usage, grammar, and spelling in writing.


    1 and 2

    Enrichment Independent Reading

    Student choice

      Student responsible for quarterly literature 


           Utilize Google Classroom platform

    Quarter 1


    Mr. Osborne Unit Preview,


    Adapted excerpts from Beowulf

    Clips from The Hobbit movie

    Beowulf movie

    Crash Course

    Historical Context

    Oral literature

    Movie comparison essay

    Essay structure and literary analysis

    Quarter 1-2


    Mr. Osborne Unit Preview

    Exerpts from various authors on The Legend of King Arthur

        Authors: Sir Thomas Malory,      Marion Zimmer Bradley, and John Steinbeck

    Movies: Merlin, The Sword in the Stone, and Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail

    Crash Course 

    Optional: The Canterbury Tales, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

    Historical Context

    Compare author styles

    Distinguish how language changes throughout history from Old to Middle English

    Research process:

          Note taking, format,  works consulted

          Thesis, outline, quote integration

      Formal presentation

    Quarter 2

    English Renaissance

    Movie: Renaissance Man

    Mr. Osborne Unit Preview


    Choice thematic novel

    Crash Course 


      Shakespearean language

      Historical significance, influence, connections

    Argumentation: Who is to blame? Hamlet mock trial  


     Literature Circles 

    Thematic connections

    Quarter 3

    The Restoration and Enlightenment

    Mr. Osborne Unit Preview

    “A Modest Proposal”

    Study of Satire

    Quarter 3

    The Romantic Period

    Mr. Osborne Unit Preview

    Frankenstein Retold Classic

    “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”

      Crash Course

    Frame story



    Quarter 3-4

    The Victorian Age

    Mr. Osborne Unit Preview

    The Importance of Being Earnest

    Understand Victorian culture and its controversy.  

    Victorian Tea Party: Spill it!

    Quarter 4

    The Modern Era

    Mr. Osborne Unit Preview

    Student Choice Unit:

            The Hobbit

            The Chronicles of Narnia


    Focus on the effect both world wars had on Britain and its effect on literature.

    Quarter 4

    Contemporary Voices

    Mr. Osborne Unit Preview

    Student Choice Unit:

              The British Invasion

              Harry Potter


             The Chocolate War

    Study popular modern Brit. Lit. and its effect on American culture



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