• Welcome to Mrs. Pitts’ English Class!!


    Contact Information:

    • Email or Google Classroom message – apitts@tippcity.k12.oh.us (preferred method of contact)
    • Phone – 667–8448    ext. 2747
    • Conference period – 5th 



    • Please abide by the school social distancing measures at all times. 
    • Masks: Please wear your mask at all times. 
    • Cell Phones: Cell phones should be silenced and out of sight. Due to COVID-19, we will not be able to use the cell phone holder in the classroom. Phones in use not for classroom work will be confiscated until the end of the day. 
    • Food and drinks: Due to Covid-19 food is NOT permitted in the classroom.
    • Book bags/Purses: All bags are to be left on the floor.
    • Hall Passes: Please use your agenda for passes, and I will sign the pass. 
    • Timeliness: Be in class and in your seat when the bell rings. Please use the restroom and get your materials BEFORE class begins. 
    • Materials: Please bring all materials on the Required Materials list on a DAILY basis.
    • Seating chart: I will assign your seats. This will help with contact tracing. You will get a new seating chart at the beginning of each new quarter. If there are problems, please see me in private and we can discuss the situation.



    As a student, you are expected to…

    • Be Organized, Be Prepared, Be Accountable—Take ownership of your success!
    • Show up to class, whether in-person or online, on time.
    • Be prepared with the necessary materials and/or work required in order to contribute on a particular day.
    • Treat others with respect.  It goes without saying that I expect each of you to treat me with an appropriate level of respect, but it is important that you extend this courtesy to your classmates as well.
    • Come to class with a positive attitude, a readiness to participate, and a willingness to challenge yourself, not only in terms of our coursework, but also as an individual.  You are an important part of our class and have something unique to contribute!


    • ZOOM Expectations


      • Join on time with video (it is important that I know it’s really you and you’re actually there.)
      • You may use a background/green screen if desired. 
      • Raise hand or type in the chatbox if you have a question
      • If applicable, come prepared having completed any required reading or discussion material.


    As the teacher, you can expect…

    • That my door (or inbox) will always be open.  This means that I am available to meet with you at an appointed time in person, via Zoom, through Google Classroom private message, or via email if there are issues/questions that come up regarding the material we are studying in class.  This also means that I am available for things that have little or no relation to the Language Arts realm.  I am here to help you succeed in all areas of your life and I recognize that English is not the only thing on your minds.
    • That I will treat you with the same level of respect that I expect from you.  This means that I start each day fresh and am always willing to listen to what you have to say.


    Behavior Plan: 

    • PBIS Points will be awarded for being responsible, being respectful, and having integrity.
    • In the event that some form of disciplinary action becomes necessary, I will follow the progression listed below, bearing in mind that I reserve the right to skip any steps as I deem appropriate:
    1. Verbal warning
    2. ½ hour or hour long detention + notification of parent/guardian
    3. Removal from classroom and/or referral to administration + notification of parent/guardian


    Grading System:

    1. Grades will be averaged on a total point system.
    2. The grading scale will follow standard procedure as detailed in the handbook
    • All student grades are accessible through the Parent Internet Grade-Viewer.  While I will do my best to keep these grades as up-to-date as possible, certain assignments (particularly projects and longer written work / quizzes) may take additional time to grade.  Thus, in some cases, time may be required before a student’s grade is reflective of an assignment already turned in.

    Absences / Late work / Make-up Work:

    1. All work needs to be submitted on time. Late work is NOT accepted. If there is an extenuating circumstance beyond your control or if you find yourself in a situation where you might be need of grade support, see me and we’ll discuss. 
    2. Make-up work is permissible only in the event of an excused absence (there are certainly extenuating circumstances that I will consider if brought to my attention).
    3. Any handouts distributed in class on a day you missed can be obtained from Google Classroom.
    4. As per the school’s policy, you will be afforded a period of time equal to that which you were absent in order to make-up assignments.


    Required Materials:  (see additional handout on website)

    • Keep in mind that we cannot share supplies.



    • Anything not covered by this syllabus that falls under the policies of Tipp City Exempted Village Schools will be enforced and adhered to in my classroom.
    • As an instructor, I reserve the right to make changes to the policies/procedures outlined in this syllabus at any time, provided that adequate notice is given to both students and parents/guardians.
Last Modified on August 25, 2020