• Here are some important reminders for the first day of school:

    1.  Water Bottles - We cannot use the water fountains. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SEND WATER BOTTLES TO SCHOOL. It will be hot in the building and your child will definitely want water throughout the day! You can send the bottle in frozen if you would like. Please put a sock over the water bottle so the condensation doesn't get all over the desk and papers. 


    2. Snack - We will be eating a snack in the classroom.  If you would like to send a donation into the classroom, please send in prepackaged animal crackers, pretzels, or goldfish. 


    3.  Mask - Don't forget your mask! You may bring in more than one in case it gets dirty throughout the day. 


    4. Music - We will rotate related arts this year! We will be going to music first quarter.