Classroom Expectations:

    1.Follow all verbal and written directions.

    2.Respect others by working quietly and keeping hands and feet to self.

    3.Respect school and student property.

    4.Be a friendly learner - Treat others, as you would like to be treated. 


    The four rules above will be discussed / modeled daily over the next few months to ensure each child understands the importance of why rules and expectations are needed. Students will receive positive praise when following the rules but will be corrected if they are not. Rewards and consequences will be given when appropriate. 

    I am very firm concerning my classroom rules and expectations, but at the same time very fair and friendly with each child. I believe well established expectations leads to an atmosphere of respect, friendship and the love for learning. Learning can be fun and exciting when rules are being followed.



    As GOOD as Gold (behavior) Coins:

    3: Your child is following all rules and expectations.

    2,1: Your child has been given a warning to follow the rules and expectations. 

    0: Your child needs additional reminders to follow rules and expectations.  A consequence will be given (misses 5 minutes of recess) and a note on the back of the behavior calendar will go home. 


    Please be aware exceptions will be made when a child’s behavior jeopardizes the safety of self and or others. No warnings will be given. Immediate  consequence will occur along with a visit with the principal and a note or call home will occur. 

Last Modified on August 25, 2020